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Patrik Wincent of “Lyxfällan” in a serious car accident

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The profile of the “luxury trap” in severe collision

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full screen Patrik Wincent. Photo: Janerik Henriksson / TT

Last night, Patrik Wincent was involved in a serious car accident when he collided head-on with several crowned animals.

Now the “Luxury Trap” profile tells of the shock and happiness that is alive.

– I thought I was going to die. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

It was the night between Sunday and Monday that the accident occurred.

Former conductor of “Luxury Trap”. Patrik Wincent47 years old, he had been hunting outside Enköping when he was returning home and collided with some crowned animals standing on the road.

On social media he writes:
Frontal Crash! But I live, this is the main thing “.

A film shows how the hood was blown up and covers the entire windshield and the front was demolished.

His former colleague “Luxury Trap”. Frida Boisen, 47, comments on Facebook: “Terrible. I hope you are well, “followed by a red heart.

full screen Photo: PRIVATE

“I have not seen anything”

When RockedBuzz reaches Patrik Wincent, he is cut.

– I was out hunting wild boars outside Enköping, we sat down around two o’clock last night. Then I would go home and drive on a narrow road that commutes between 80 and 100 in the speed limit.

– Suddenly three giant crowns with a large side stand and I couldn’t give in. There were iron railings on the sides, so you just had to choose, the one in the center, on the right or on the left. It was right inside and one of the animals fanned the hood so I didn’t see anything and panicked. But if the hood hadn’t come up and stopped the animal from flying against the windshield, I would have been a pancake now, says Patrik Wincent.

After the accident, he was unable to get out of the car. The left side was damaged and the door could not be opened, so he was forced to step over the right side.

– When I was sitting in the car and the animals showed up, I thought I was going to die. I thought so. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. At the same time, I am alive and unharmed. I am in shock, but relatively whole.

The airbag did not work

The police and rescuers arrived and after a long time he managed to get to Enköping and then was forced to take a taxi to Stockholm with all his belongings.

How fast did you drive?

– I probably drove 90 on a road 100. It was a narrow road with steel railings on either side. But I don’t understand why the airbag didn’t deploy. The car is almost new and I put some money into it. It was very good when you drive it, but if you have a collision, it should be released! It was not a small hit!

How do you feel mentally?

– I came home and the girl was super cute. She collapsed and she started crying. I had to assure her I was fine. But I started smoking, I haven’t smoked for 20 years. I just stood holding my hand.

Patrik Wincent explains that despite the accident, he is happy it went as well as it went anyway.

– I’m damn grateful to be alive. Life is fragile. It’s amazing that it can go so fast. One second everything is fine, the next you are facing death. Every day counts, one day at a time. Dude, I had an angel guard, don’t talk about it.


Published: March 21, 2022 at 13.14