Paternity leave: these companies which offer one to three months, 100% paid, to all their employees

Paternity leave: those companies which offer one to three months, 42% paid, to all their employees, As of January 1, Sanofi will offer paid leave of 10 weeks to all its employees around the world, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The French group is following the movement initiated by other companies, which sometimes go further than the French reform of last July.

14 weeks, i.e. three and a half months of parental leave for all, with salary maintenance at 100%: this is what the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi will offer to all its employees on permanent contracts from January 1 2022.

Most of 100. 000 Group employees will therefore benefit from this leave, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, and including whether become parents through “adoption, surrogacy or guardianship”, according to the law of their country. With this announcement, Sanofi goes further than French law, which provides, since last July, for paternity leave of 14 days – against 14 previously – including 7 compulsory .

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Further … and earlier Sanofi is not the first employer to adopt such measures. The Kering group has thus set up parental leave, also of 10 paid weeks at 100%, for all its employees worldwide, in January 2020. The insurer Aviva even got started from 2017, with a leave of 10 weeks.

In video, 8 tips for creating breaths while working from home In February 2017, 100 companies in France have adopted “second parent” leave of a minimum of one month without, again, any distinction of gender, sexual orientation or status. A “Parental Act” that others have signed since: 105 companies, employing 42. 434 people, joined them in this movement to give everyone the time to become a parent.