Patagonia Travel Guide: Patagonia, an unforgettable trip to the end of the world Amazing Place Patagonia!

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Spread between Chile and Argentina, at the extreme end of the Southern Cone, Patagonia is an immense place. With a million square kilometers, it spreads between the mountain range and the ocean, between the Pampas and Antarctica, and is adorned with forests and mountain ranges, plateaus swept by winds and forests, eternal ice and glaciers, and lakes and fjords of a beauty that overwhelms the soul.

The Torres del Paine National Park , declared a Biosphere Reserve, the Glacier National Park, an ice show in which the Perito Moreno stands out – declared a World Heritage Site – and the Valdés Peninsula are just some of the most incredible places from this corner where the End of the World is also located, a mirage of cliffs interspersed with the sea where the mountain ranges split between lakes and rivers. Without a doubt, touring these breathtaking landscapes is a journey for once in a lifetime.  

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The Perito Moreno Glacier contains one of the largest drinking water reserves in the world.

Fernando de Magallanes, upon his arrival on the continent in 1520, discovered a unique species of penguins that later ended up receiving his name. In Patagonia there are the largest colonies in the world of this type of penguins.

Patagonia has a magical fruit called calafate , like the town. They say that anyone who eats it there is obliged to return.

In Patagonia there is the second oldest tree species in the world, the larch. It is 2600 years old. Los Alerces National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was created in 1937 just to protect this variety of pines.

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Visit the Valdés Peninsula, a natural reserve where you can observe whales, Magellan penguins and numerous birds. Nor should you miss Mount Fritz Roy, located in the Los Glaciares National Park, the Upsala Glacier and the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Tour El Calafate , a town of wooden houses that is the gateway to the mountains and glaciers of the Glacier National Park, as well as Ushuaia , the southernmost city on the planet, with a wide range of outdoor activities.

The star visit is undoubtedly the Perito Moreno glacier , which, with a front of five kilometers and a height of more than 60 meters above the water level, offers one of the most impressive images.

From here, you have to take advantage of the trip to make a getaway to Antarctica, the most extreme of the continents, an excursion that can be hired both from Chilean Patagonia and from Argentina.

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The best way to visit this destination is to do it with a hired trip that runs through its main tourist attractions. A ten-day package can cost from € 3,500. You must have a valid passport for a minimum of six months.

The best time to visit Patagonia is during the southern summer, which runs from December to February. For those who want to enjoy this magical place without crowds, also October, November, March and April, months in which, although it is colder, there is less wind.

While it is true that we can admire the immensity of the Perito Moreno glacier from its walkway, it is also possible to do a trekking walking on it or to hire a boat excursion approaching its spectacular walls.