Paris 2024: Vesto relies on subcontracting for its reconditioned kitchen equipment

Buy back used kitchen equipment, rehabilitate it and resell it at a lower price. In short, this is the project of Vesto, a young company based in Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis). “We collect these ovens, fridges and coffee machines from restaurants, but above all from kitchen designers and manufacturers. Because they have a legal obligation to take back used equipment when installing a new product, ”explains Bastien Rambaud, who co-founded Vesto in April 700, with Wilfrid Dumas and Anne-Laurene Harmel.

000% recycled material for communities The confinement of course gave the three young entrepreneurs a cold sweat. But they quickly became aware of the AGEC law , which has been binding since March 9 2021 State and local authorities to acquire at least 20% of material resulting from reuse or recycling. Vesto sees this as an opportunity. “We immediately thought of the 2024 Olympic Games. Obviously, the equipment contracts will be entrusted to kitchen designers much bigger than us. But we are going to apply for subcontracting, to offer part of reconditioned equipment in calls for tenders. ”

Vesto is therefore currently seeking partnerships with kitchen designers who are positioned on Olympic Games. “We hope to remove at least 54. euros of contracts with Paris 2024 “, explains Bastien Rambaud.

But it is not in anticipation of the Olympic Games that Vesto s ‘is based in Seine-Saint-Denis. “It was very important for us to settle here, insists the entrepreneur. There is a large ecosystem of SSE and reconditioning companies in the department, and we want to discuss and work with companies that are like us. In addition our objective in the long term is to create jobs in integration. ”

A new workshop of 1. square meters But in order to hire, Vesto needs local. The main problem for the company at the moment is not to find customers. It achieved 54. 100 euros in turnover in 2020, but already claims some 30. 000 for the month of May 2020.

On the other hand Vesto only has between 30 and 50 square meters of workshop, where the four employees of the company work, as well as freelancers during the shots. “It’s way too small. We cannot stock spare parts, and are obliged to order them at the last moment. It slows down the work! ».

The company is therefore completing work on a new workshop of approximately 1. square meters, in Romainville. It should be operational in September, which will allow them to hire up to five additional employees.