Pantone SkinTone: the “inclusive” monitors arrive – RB

Pantone SkinTone: “inclusive” monitors arrive – RB

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Pantone SkinTone: the “inclusive” monitors are coming “- RB

Pantone SkinTone: the “inclusive” monitors arrive – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Pantone SkinTone: “inclusive” monitors arrive – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Pantone SkinTone: the “inclusive” monitors arrive – RB


Pantone SkinTone is a new certification that will allow monitors to be “inclusive” thanks to a better reproduction of skin tones

10 January 2022

During the CES 2022 , the US company Pantone which mainly deals with graphics technologies, showed the results of its new SkinTone . The monitors that will have this certification will be able to represent reality in a much more realistic way than in the past.

What Pantone has focused on to promote the new technology is inclusiveness , because the chromatic quality of the SkinTone displays will be such as to highlight every type of human skin tone . This allows electronic devices to be more sensitive to diversity, allowing each person to get a more realistic representation of themselves. We do not know when the display manufacturers will start using the new Pantone certification, but we have already had the opportunity to appreciate some examples during the Las Vegas event. Also, the idea isn’t entirely new.

Pantone SkinTone, what they can do

Displays with Pantone SkinTone certification will allow you to better view all types of skin tones , representing people in an even more authentic and faithful way to reality. In this sense, technology meets the growing demand for inclusiveness that pervades today’s society and Pantone’s goal is precisely to push companies to do the same with their products.

To succeed, 110 unique colors were collected obtained through thousands of surveys of the skin of people belonging to different ethnic groups and having different ages. This is a very large number but we must take into account all the various shades that are influenced by genetic factors and sun exposure.

It’s unclear if this is actually a way to make technology more inclusive or if it’s an effective marketing strategy to advertise your technology using a very current theme. Certainly, however, it provides a measure of the chromatic quality of a given display that makes use of this certification.

Pantone SkinTone, what will be the first displays

At CES 2022, it was possible to see the first Pantone SkinTone validated screens made by BenQ , one of the first companies to adopt certification with models DesignVue (PD 3205 U and PD 2705 U) and PhotoVue SW .

However, this is not an absolute novelty. The Pixel 6 smartphone from Google used Real Tone technology to improve the reproduction of skin tones, so to return more realistic photographic shots and, in a certain sense, more respectful of diversity.