Panda Mouse Pro is a specifically designed keymapper for Keyboard and Mouse.

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Panda Mouse Pro is a specifically designed keymapper for Keyboard and Mouse.

Compare to classical keymapper, its unique features:

1. Run games directly without cloning
2. Support Google Play login
3. Won’t be banned by some games in which duplication running is not allowed.


1. It supports Keyboard or Mouse only, Gamepad won’t work.

2. Root or PC activation required. PC activation means you must connect your phone to PC and run the Gamepad&Mouse Pro Activator. After activation you can plug out your phone. We have a full tutorial inside the app for activation.

3. This app is still in beta. It’s possible to have some performance issue.

4. Support nearly all brands of Keyboard and Mouse.

5. Support nearly all apps & games, except a few extreme applications.

PANDA Mouse Pro APK Comments

  1. Working with my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, working with my USB type-C HUB as well using my wired mouse and keyboard. Easy to activate using the activator thru USB debugging. And easy button mapping. Works well with all my games. The only downside is when you restart your phone, then your USB debugging is turned off you are going to need to activate it again. Hopefully this issue will be solved with permanent activation. My device is Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G
  2. lots of room for improvement. but a good start. hope that future versions doesnt require reactivation after every phone restarts. functionalities works fine. overall setup is not for beginners. any technically intermediate users might still find it a bit diff to go thru the initial setup.
  3. Awful – just awful. The PC activator works but the app will randomly deactivate itself shortly afterwards (the dev claims this only happens after reboot but this is not true). So you basically have to activate it each time you want to use it and the process is not quick or easy or straightforward. This app is hands down one of the worst implementations of any Android app I’ve come across in the 10 years or so of using Android.
  4. the activation issue from the recent negative reviews seems to have been fixed. this continues to be the best in class solution for mouse support in mobile games, easy 5 stars. brilliant app, brilliant preset activations for common games.
  5. I believe that this is a strong option to do key mapping for games like CoD and allows you to do a lot. However, why I have to do the ACTIVATION in my Samsung Tablet EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! This is extremely frustrating. You could have 4 stars but this is unbelievable
  6. The Freaking file for the activation of the app is broken!! What the hell did I paid here?! The link let you download a freaking Broken file.. It say “GamepadPro.Active.Tool.rar The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”. Every time I extract it this shows up.
  7. Works flawlessly on PUBG Mobile, but COD is not working. Cant switch from shooting mode to mouse. I change it in setting, but then when the game starts, it stays stuck on mouse mode. PLEASE FIX!!! If you gonna charge for this app at least listen to the reviews and fix the issues!!! Found it stupid 
  8. So far on mi 9t pro with latest 1.4.9 update improve alot on from last update.. Note : Get your phone rooted and it will be auto activated permanently, no need to activate everytime you restart phone
  9. orks perfectly fine on the 1st activation, after a while I have to activate it again. Now its not even working. Followed the steps, still nothing seems to work. Not worth purchasing.
  10. Please transform or better, remove the activation method, we had to reactivate for over and over and it is frustating. Everything works fine but still I want a refund till it gets fixed.

Panda Mouse Pro APK Download

Panda Mouse Pro is a specifically designed keymapper for Keyboard and Mouse. DOWNLOAD APK