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Pamela Anderson now ‘remembers who I am’ after writing memoir: ‘I want to help’

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While writing her new memoir, Pamela Anderson he really had to look back on everything he had previously past.

“I feel like I’ve definitely figured out who I am Not all my life and now I remember who I am,” said the 55-year-old People. “And who was that little girl before something happened to her.”

The actress was molested at a young age but continued to struggle. Case in point: She moved out at 17 and appeared in a Canadian beer commercial. From there, Playboy called, making her a famous model.

“I think divine timing,” she shared. “I needed to get my sexual power back to be, like a woman. I remember looking at the photos, thinking I still didn’t like them, but they were fine. And then I was like, ‘Well, I really flipped the script.'”

During that time, the blonde describes herself as “vulnerable.”

“But I also felt like it could be worse than where I was? What if I had a choice with my own body I’ll take it. I choose for myself,” she said.

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Anderson, whose memoir With love, Pamelareleases January 31, plus a new Netflix documentary proves she’s a ferocious, strong woman.

“I did it all myself and I did it against the odds,” she noted.

“I’m sure there are people who struggle just like me, and I wanted to tell those people that you’re human and you’re not evil,” she explained. “I want to help. When someone tells you not to say something, that’s when you need to say it. It’s the shame of secrets – or embarrassment. Predators pick victims they know will humiliate them in ways that will be hard for them to tell anyone.”

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Ultimately, theBaywatch Alum is confident readers will find the tome “empowering.”

“It’s kind of like the beginning of understanding my whole life,” he said. “I wanted to make sure it came from the heart.”