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P3 Gold 2022 canceled: you get no winners

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Replaced by a special “Gold Day” on the radio

Published: Today 07.04

Updated: Less than 50 minutes ago

full screen Victor Leksell won Pop of the Year and Song of the Year awards at last year’s P3 Gold Gala. But this year there will be no winners and no gala. Photographic archives. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist / TT

P3 Gold’s 20th anniversary was forced to cancel this year’s gala due to the corona pandemic.

Now Swedish radio still celebrates the nominees during a special “Gold Day” on the radio, but there will be no galas or winners.

It was this year that P3 Gold was supposed to celebrate its 20th anniversary. But due to the crown pandemic, Swedish radio decided to cancel earlier this year. Now the radio will again highlight this year’s nominations during a full day live on P3, April 6. The so-called Gold Day replaces this year’s gala.

– We turned and twisted and thought if we would move everything – we had made an arrangement where we would have the gala in our Radio House and that was what became difficult to move. Then we decided that the most important thing was to pay homage to Swedish music and to those we had already named, says Anna-Karin Larsson, area manager for music at Swedish radio.

No winner

TT: Why don’t you select any winner?

– The winners and the wonderful thing of being able to pay tribute to an artist on the spot, we associate him so much with our gala. It won’t be so sparkly and festive just doing it on the radio, she says.

Anna-Karin Larsson hopes that the whole day on the radio can provide added value through in-depth studies and stories about music. Nominated artists will pay tribute throughout the day and several artists will also participate.

Candidates will be revealed on April 6.

The debate

In last year’s debate, P3 Guld was criticized for helping to glorify suspected criminals and convicts who received an award for their music.

TT: Was it talked about before this year’s nominations?

– We always discuss this issue, in which we somehow ended up in a situation where many question our position. But our core value is still that we want to praise the best music, and then it’s the music we watch or listen to. We think it is important to make this distinction.

Fixed: An earlier version of the text contained incorrect information about last year’s gala.


P3 Gold

P3 Gold has been awarded by Swedish Radio P3 since 2003 to Swedish artists in various categories, such as Pop of the Year, Artist of the Year, Group of the Year and Guldmicken for best live show.The gala usually takes place in January, but last year it was postponed due to the pandemic. This year, however, the gala was canceled, Emma Molin would have been the guest of the gala. Gold Day is now hosted by music journalists and presenters Tina Mehrafzoon, Juan Havana and Emma Percival.

Published: March 28, 2022 at 07.04