News: Overuse of Christmas carols can harm our mental health, here’s why Do the Christmas carols hit you on the system? We understand you. Moreover, these melodies could well harm your mental health by dint of hearing them.

Certainly, from November 1 2021, singer Mariah Carey has declared on the networks that the end of year holidays have started, to the chagrin of those who can no longer support his hit ” All I want for christmas is you” and many other ultra-kitsch Christmas songs. A hatred whose legitimacy science confirms: Christmas carols could well harm our mental health … It’s the British psychologist Linda Blair who gave these conclusions to Skynews. According to her, Christmas carols are bad for mental health, because they are heady to say the least. Indeed, you are challenged to listen to Mariah Carey without having it in your head the rest of the day.

In psychology, this phenomenon is called “the effect of simple exposure.” To get out a singing your head, you have to put in an extra effort compared to a classical song, which can be mentally exhausting. If listening to Christmas carols makes us feel good, hearing them over and over, for example at the shopping center, can quickly be very annoying. “There is a connection to the song called ‘U shape relationship’ (ie the relationship first decreases then increases, or vice versa, editor’s note) between the number of times we hear music that we like and our subsequent reaction to it “, also explained Dr. . Victoria Williamson at NCB News.

No doubt, we love Christmas, its hot chocolate, its decorations and of course its songs … But in small doses! We will therefore make sure to listen to Mariah Carey or “Vive le vent” and “Little papa Noël” with moderation.

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