Ostriches are large, non-flying birds that live in Africa. Besides in their natural environment, ostriches are often breed as farm animals because some people like to eat their meat, eggs or to wear fashion products made of their skin. Although they are killed for commercial purposes, they are not endangered. There are around 2 million ostriches that can be found around the globe.

Males, females and young ostriches have different colors. Males can be recognized by black and white color. Females and youngs are usually grayish, brownish and white.

Ostriches can survive without water a long period of time. They absorb water from the food they eat. They like to eat locusts and small animals such as lizards.

Ostriches are the fastest running bird. They can run faster than lions or leopards. Unlike other birds, ostriches have only two toes. They have very strong legs. One kick can kill a lion.

Ostrich has the biggest eyes in the whole animal kingdom. Its eye is bigger than its brain.