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Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer wants to decentralize power in the UK

origin 1Sir Keir Starmer addresses journalists ©Cleared

The UK government’s main opposition leader, Labor Sir Keir Starmer, has vowed to take some of the power away from the central government in Westminster if his party wins the next election.

“It’s the whole Westminster system,” the Labor leader told reporters. “No other country likes it puts so much decision-making power in the hands of so few people. It’s no wonder that community issues up and down the country don’t get the attention they deserve.”

In his argument for a more decentralized approach, some analysts say it appears to be a partial embrace of the Brexit language of “take back control” – a slogan trumpeted during the referendum, but Starmer was clear in his intentions.

“We will modernize central government so that it becomes dynamic, agile, strong and above all focused, driven by clear and measurable objectives. National missions, a new approach to governing power. More strategic, more relaxed in bringing the expertise of the public and business and private unions, towns and cities, and using that partnership to move our country forward.”

The Labor leader also said his party would repeal the Conservative government’s proposed anti-strike legislation if it comes into effect.

A wave of industrial action in the public sector has prompted British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to consider such laws.