Oppo Find N is a hit in China, but it has a problem – RB

Oppo Find N is a hit in China, but it has a problem – RB

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Oppo Find N is a success in China, but has a problem – RB

Oppo Find N is a success in China, but it has a problem – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Oppo Find N is a hit in China, but it has a problem – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Oppo Find N is a hit in China, but it has a problem – RB


Oppo Find N is having a lot of success in China, the only country where it is currently available, but as confirmed by President Liu Bobbee this causes some problems

12 January 2022

Oppo Find N is the new, as well as the first, folding smartphone with book closure, which was presented last month and put on sale on the Chinese market only last 23 December. Due to the great price and innovative features, many Chinese users immediately pre-ordered the device.

Thanks to the hinge Flexion Hinge , Find N can be folded on itself over 200 thousand times and the visibility of the fold on the display is reduced by 80% compared to other smartphones. Another peculiarity of this mechanism concerns the considerable reduction of the distance between the two portions of the display when the phone is closed, ensuring greater compactness and preventing the passage of debris or dust. These features, together with a high-level technical data sheet, make Oppo a very valid rival of Samsung’s folding models , yet the company does not want – or cannot – export it outside the national borders. .

Oppo Find N, what are the problems

Despite the excellent results that Oppo is obtaining in China with its new leaflet, it seems that the situation is not exactly rosy. In fact, the company is having problems in sustaining high demand from users due to problems in the supply chain .

) So, the success of Oppo Find N is in a certainly also his cross. Chinese customers have made approximately 1 million bookings via their email address and will only receive a response from the company when that many units are available. While not all bookings may eventually materialize into a purchase, this still means that Oppo is not currently capable of producing this number of devices.

The same Liu Bobbee , President of Oppo, confirmed the above difficulties through a post on Weibo, the most used social network in China, stating that at the moment it is not possible make so many smartphones.

Oppo Find N, technical features

The Oppo folding has external display OLED Full HD + 5, 49 inch and internal display 7.1 inch LTPO OLED with refresh rate at 120 Hz . It is therefore a Galaxy Fold3 style model but with a more compact size.

On board Find N there is the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 , accompanied from 8 or 12 GB of RAM memory and 256 or 512 GB of internal memory. The battery has a capacity of 4. 500 mAh with fast charging support from 23 Watt and to the wireless one from 15 Watt .

The main camera has sensors from 50, 16 And 13 megapixel , respectively primary, wide angle and telephoto, while the one for selfies has one from 32 megapixel .

In China, Oppo Find N is priced between 7. 699 Yuan ( 1 $ ) and 8. 999 Yuan ( 1. 240 $ ), which makes it really very attractive for folding smartphone lovers. Unfortunately, also in light of the scarcity of available components, the device will not cross Chinese borders and users from the rest of the world will have to wait for a different model from Oppo.