OPPO boasts of its first folding: the Find N already has a presentation date

OPPO boasts of its first folding: the Find N already has a presentation date, In April 2000 OPPO showed the world its first concept of mobile with extendable screen , a curious solution that has not yet made an appearance on the market. Folding mobiles do have a hole and are starting to take off in sales , and OPPO is going to get on this car in just a week . The company has made official the announcement of the OPPO Find N, its first folding mobile. Will see the light next 15 December , and will come to solve problems such as the well-known central fold that terminals such as the Galaxy suffer. Z Fold 3 . OPPO’s first folding is on the way This is the exquisitely engineered # OPPOFindN . Hold. Fold. Enjoy. Repeat. Coming December 15. # OPPOINNODAY 2021 pic.twitter.com/LVZKNgYiAv – OPPO (@oppo) December 9, 2021 OPPO has announced the presentation date of the OPPO Find N, the foldable that will come to compete with Samsung’s Z Fold 3. It will be a device in the style of the latter, but promising to solve the problem of the central fold . OPPO’s intention with the Find N is clear: to present a foldable that solves the current limitations of this type of device According to Pete Lau, “it is better to launch a product later when you’re ready to deliver a great experience for users to rush to keep up with the trends. ” In a promotional video in which they have shown the device, a design very similar to that of the Fold Z 3 can be seen. Folded will be a narrow and compact device , to be deployed in a tablet format with, predictably, about seven inches of full diagonal. The key here is that, contrary to current proposals, the OPPO device seems to be practically an all-screen in traditional format when folded, rather than having a very narrow screen. This is just a promotional video and it remains to be seen how it has finally been resolved, but the concept promises. OPPO sure that in its folding we will find solutions to problems of the current folding , and that its hinge will be one of the most durable. It remains to wait for the 15 December to clear up doubts. More information | OPPO