The program is completely free and available on an open source basis, meaning users are free to view and modify the application’s source code and share any modifications made to it. Open Office Full Free Download

What is Apache OpenOffice?

Apache OpenOffice is an open source office suite, which has been designed to function as an alternative to Microsoft Office. It contains various components, has its own file formats and is able to read and save other file formats, including those associated with several Microsoft Office applications.

Is Apache OpenOffice legal?

Apache OpenOffice is completely legal to own and use in both private and commercial settings. Although the software is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats and has equivalent components, it is a completely separate office suite and has no official association with it.

Is Open Office still free?

Apache OpenOffice is free software. That means you are free to download it, free to install it on as many PCs as you like, free to pass copies to as many people as you like. You may use OpenOffice for any purpose without restriction: private, educational, public administration, commercial Free, really free.

Is OpenOffice really free?

OpenOffice is 100% free, with no hidden fees or additional features for paying subscribers. But if you want, you can support OpenOffice and many other projects in Apache by donating.


OpenOffice is an open source Office software that you can use for free. is a free office suite distribution that stands out as both a product and a project of open source. OpenOffice, which is a complete solution package with its text processor, spreadsheet program, presentation manager and drawing software, continues to develop as an important value for computer users with its simple interface and advanced features parallel to other professional office software.’s support for extensions continues to come with 3. The Impress server console supports business analytics, PDF import, native PDF documents, and the new way to support additional languages is available for different developers to add features.

The programs and features in OpenOffice are as follows;

Writer: Compatible word processor Writer has all the features you would expect from a modern word processing software. Whether you use it to write down the events you want to remember, or write a book with pictures, diagrams, and indexes, you will see that all these processes are completed easily and quickly with Writer.

With Writer wizards, you can design letters, faxes and agendas in minutes, while designing your own documents with the included templates. Thanks to the easy design of the page and text styles as you are used to, you can concentrate only on your work and increase your productivity.

Here are some features that make Writer unique:

Writer is Microsoft Word compatible. You can open Word documents sent to you and save them again in the same format as Writer. Writer can save documents you have prepared from scratch in Word format.
You can check Turkish spelling while writing, and minimize mistakes thanks to automatic correction.
You can convert the documents you have prepared to PDF or HTML with one click.
Thanks to the AutoComplete feature, you do not spend unnecessary time on long words that need to be written.
When working with complex documents, you can get faster access to the information you want by extracting the Table of Contents and Index sections.
You can send the documents you have prepared with a single click via e-mail.
Ability to edit wiki documents for the web, in addition to the traditional office.
Zoom scroll bar that allows to show multiple pages while editing.’s new document format is OpenDocument. Thanks to this XML-based and open document format, this standard is not only dependent on Writer, but can be accessed by any OpenDocument compatible software.

Calc: the capable spreadsheet

Calc is a spreadsheet that can always be at hand. If you are just starting out, you will love Calc’s easy-to-use environment and friendly interface. If you are a professional data processor, you will be able to access advanced functions and organize data easily with the help of Calc.

Calc’s advanced DataPilot technology can extract raw data from databases, summarize and turn them into meaningful information.

Natural language formulas allow you to easily create formulas using words (eg turnover – profit).

Smart Addition Button can automatically place the add function or subtotal function according to the context.

Wizards allow you to easily choose from advanced spreadsheet functions. Scenario manager (Scenario Manager) can make “what if …” analysis especially for those working in the field of statistics.

Spreadsheets you prepare with Calc,

Can save in XML compatible OpenDocument format,
You can save it in Microsoft Excel format and send it to your friends who have Microsoft Excel,
You can save it in PDF format to see the results only
Support of up to 1024 columns per table.
New and powerful equality calculator.
Collaboration feature for multiple users

Impress: Make your presentations dazzling Impress is a very useful software for creating effective multimedia presentations. You can use 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional images, icons, special effects, animations and drawing objects while designing presentations.

While preparing your presentations, it is also possible to benefit from many different view options according to the needs of the segment you will be presenting: Drawing, Sketch, Slide, Notes etc. Impress includes drawing and diagramming tools to easily design your presentation. In this way, you can easily transfer your drawings to the screen within a few minutes.

With the help of Impress, you can save your presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint format, move these files to powerpoint machines and make your presentation. If you wish, you are always free by choosing the new XML-based OpenDocument open standard.

With the help of Impress, it is also possible to convert the slides you create with one click to Flash format and publish them on the Internet. This feature comes with and does not require any third party software purchase.

Draw: Explore your inner talent for drawing

Draw is a drawing program you can use for all your drawing needs, from small sketches to large graphics and diagrams.

You can use Styles and Formatting to manage all your graphic styles with one click. You can arrange objects and rotate them in two or three dimensions. 3D (3D) controller spheres, cubes, rings, etc. for you. will create objects.

You can manage objects with Draw. You can group them, remove them from the group, re-group them and even organize their grouped forms. Without the sophisticated rendering feature, the textures, lighting effects, transparencies and perspective features you choose will allow you to create photo-quality images.

Thanks to smart connectors, it is very easy to prepare flowcharts, organization charts and network diagrams. You can define your own ‘glue points’ to be used by couplers. Dimension lines automatically calculate and display linear dimensions during drawing.

For thumbnails (clipart), you can use the image Gallery (Gallery) and create new images and add them to the Gallery. You can save your graphics in OpenDocument format, which is accepted as the new international standard for office documents. This XML-based format allows you not only to be dependent on, but to work with any software that supports this format.

You can import graphics from any of the most common graphic formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, etc.). You can use Draw’s ability to generate Flash (.swf) files!

Base: The new name of the database manager

Coming with the new 2nd version of, Base allows the information in to be transferred to the database with great speed, efficiency and transparency. You can create and edit tables, forms, queries and reports with the help of Base. It is possible to do these operations either with your own database or with the HSQL database engine that comes with Base. Base offers a very flexible structure for beginner, intermediate and advanced database users with options such as wizard, design view and SQL view.

Database management has become much easier now with Base. Let’s see what we can do with Base.

Manage Your Data

With the help of Base,

You can create new tables where you can store your data and organize them,
You can edit the table index to speed up data access,
You can add new records to the table, edit or delete existing records,
You can use the Report Wizard to present your data in eye-catching reports,
You can use the Form Wizard to create quick database applications.
Use Your Data

With the help of Base, you can not only view your data, but also perform operations on it.

You can sort simple (single column) or complex (multi column),
You can view subsets of data using simple (one click) or complex (logical query)
You can present the data in summary or multi-table view with powerful query methods,
With the help of the Report Wizard, you can generate reports in many different formats.
Other technical information

The Base database contains the full version of the HSQL database manager. This database is used to hold data and XML files. It can also access dBASE files for simple database operations.

For more advanced demands, Base program supports databases such as Adabas D, ADO, Microsoft Access, MySQL and can connect with these databases. If you want, connections can be made via industry standard ODBC and JDBC drivers. Base can also work with LDAP-compliant address books and supports basic builds such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows, and Mozilla.

Math: Your assistant for mathematical formulas

Math is software designed for those who work with mathematical equations. You can either produce formulas that can be used in Writer documents, or you can use the formulas you have produced with other software (Calc, Impress, etc.).

You can enter a formula several ways with the help of Math.

By defining the formula in the equation editor
Right clicking on the equation editor and selecting the corresponding symbol from the context menu
By selecting an appropriate symbol from the Selection toolbox