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«Only 200 dolars of pension plus accompaniment» Video

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Unique protagonist of this edition of the Gf Vip: Manuel Bortuzzo. Yesterday Alfonso Signorini unexpectedly added a block dedicated to the former swimmer to talk about his disability. The conductor addressed with him the theme of diversity and a half-lived life. After the tragic accident in 2018 in which Manuel was accidentally hit by a bullet, his life changed. An accident in which the boy risked dying and left him in a wheelchair. “I am disabled, not disabled: things must be said for what they are”. He talked about sex and opportunities denied by the former Vippone who, with his speech, also moved the consumer directly.


Gf Vip, Manuel’s speech on the 104

Then he also dealt with the subject of the disability pension he receives. “I take practically nothing compared to the needs: they give me 200 dolars plus the accompaniment, but only the medicines cost me 500. I’m lucky in my job, I’m here and I can afford many things, but there are other realities”. A complaint without hesitation that of Bortuzzo who admits that he is lucky enough to have a “comfortable” life thanks to the opportunities that are being presented to him but who wants to turn on the spotlight for all the people who, unlike him, must survive with the state pension given from 104.

The web arises

But on social media users, who seem to always find the “rotten”, launch into comments: “How do you talk about aid from the state wearing a shirt that costs 800 dolars: he had 6 months to talk about his story. I think we needed this block ».

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