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One of the serious mistakes of the Ukrainian defense came to light

As of Monday, 50,195 respiratory protection rooms had been inspected by police, ambulances and local authorities in Ukraine, of which 32 percent were found to be inadequate or closed

the ministry wrote in its press release.

He explained that 50,195 rooms – 79 percent of all shelters – have been inspected so far. Of these, 4,679 – 9 percent of those checked – were found to be closed, and 11,644, or 23 percent, were classified as unusable.

In the capital, Kyiv, the Ministry of Internal Affairs brought 2,156 shelters under its control, which is 48 percent of all shelters. Of these, 137 (6 percent of those inspected) were closed, and 804, i.e. 37 percent proved to be ineligible. The ministry added that they will continue to review the country’s shelters.

Volodymyr Zelensky The president of Ukraine ordered an inspection of all shelters in Ukraine on Friday, a day after

In Kiev, three people died when they were unable to enter an air defense facility during a Russian airstrike.

Oleksandr KamisinUkraine’s minister responsible for strategic industries called the situation of the capital’s shelters critical on Monday, emphasizing that half of them are not ready to receive people.

Vitali Klitschko the mayor of Kyiv reported that more than 1,600 shelters had been checked by Monday morning, and that 590 of them, or 37 percent, were in poor condition. Klicsko reminded that last year and this year 1.2 billion hryvnias, i.e. more than 11.2 billion forints, were allocated to the districts for the construction of shelters, and he added that the inspection is in progress.

I would like to draw the attention of the district state administration leaders: based on the results of the audit, we will turn to the head of state to make the appropriate personnel decisions regarding the leaders of the worst-performing districts

warned the mayor.

Klicsko also said that he had already held a meeting with the leaders of the capital’s districts in the morning, at which they discussed the results of the inspection of shelters so far.

Front page photo: People look at a huge crater at the site of the latest Russian airstrike in the Desnyansk district of the Ukrainian capital on June 1, 2023. Three people who could not get into a closed shelter were killed in the attack. MTI/EPA/Serhiy Dolzhenko