[On video] Interview with Desirée Vila: “Life is too short to be hiding because you don't … -!

Desirée Vila fractured her tibia on 29 February 2015 during training for the European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships and this injury changed her life. Medical negligence caused her to lose her right leg, truncating her career as a gymnast. Despite this, he returned to sporting activity becoming Paralympic athlete and holds the Spanish record for long jump and 100 meters .

The Galician is an example of reinvention. She went from wondering if they would want her without a leg to being sure of herself, dedicating herself to raising awareness in society and even giving talks. Her new life has made her a benchmark , leading to campaigns such as the last one from the footwear firm Merkal. A beautiful spot with the intention of breaking down barriers.

On the occasion of its launch and thanks to the firm, we spoke with her from the Blume residence in Madrid, where she lives to train at the High Performance Center and studies International Relations. The athlete tells us, with the vitality and good vibes that characterizes her, how she overcame her fears, why she considers that sport should be a right, how she experiences her presence on social media and her relationship with fashion.

Currently she has just returned to training after postponing a heart operation due to suffering from heart disease since childhood and is preparing for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Video interview with Desirée Vila

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Your campaign with Merkal

Merkal’s three favorite models of the athlete 1. NYC neoprene military punk ankle boots. 35, 99 euros 25, 99 euros .

2. NYC padded apreski ankle boots. 30 , 99 euros 1 9, 99 euros. Desirée likes to combine them with dresses, skirts or dress coats.

3. NYC leopard Chelsea boots. 73 , 90 euros 30, 99 euros.

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