On Twitter you can now record audio chats – RB

You can now record audio chats on Twitter – RB

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On Twitter now you can record chats audio – RB

Audio chats can now be recorded on Twitter – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. On Twitter now you can record audio chats – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

You can now record audio chats on Twitter – RB


Twitter has released the update that allows you to record conversations within the so-called Spaces

14 January 2022

Twitter has recently introduced a function that allows users to communicate through voice . In this way the interaction is much more empathic than using text. These are the Spaces , i.e. virtual spaces in which people can meet to discuss orally pre-established topics.

Anyone who creates one can have full control of who can speak so that it doesn’t create too much confusion. Depending on the people who take part in them, these events can become very interesting. Reason why having recordings of these “audio chats” allows you to never miss anything important. Twitter has decided to please its subscribers and introduce a feature that allows you to record in a very simple way, and then listen again all when possible. This update is in addition to the many that the platform is releasing, including the automatic subtitles .

Twitter, how to record audio chats

Previously, Twitter kept Space audio files on their servers and anyone who wanted to access them had to apply. This could also take days , so it was far from practical.

Already during the last October , tests have started on the application for the iOS operating system to integrate a registration button on the Space start screen. This way, anyone could access the audio files once the event ended, with indicators and links available just like in the live session.

Finally Twitter has decided to introduce this update and it is already usable by Android and iOS users. To make a registration, just let the ‘host activate Record Space before starting the event.

Twitter , when it will be possible to record audio chats

In the past few hours, Twitter announced that the feature has been rolled out to everyone, both Android and iOS users. To use it it will be necessary to be the host of the Space and there will be a indicator that allows all participants to know that a registration is in progress. The latter can be downloaded within 30 days from closing of Space.

Unfortunately, on the Twitter web application not it is still possible to create a Space or start recording, but you can listen to it. To take advantage of the new features it is necessary to use a smartphone or Android emulator for PC .