On L’Equipe, a “360 °” system to cover the Paralympic Games

The baton between Tokyo and Paris was passed this Sunday , but the Games 2020 are not yet over. From 24 August and until September 5, it will be the turn of the Paralympic Games to be in the spotlight. This year, the L’Equipe group has planned an “unprecedented” system, announces Laurent Prud’homme, the group’s general manager, in an interview with “Echos”.

L ‘ all of the group’s media will be mobilized for two weeks for “in 360 °” ​​coverage of this event. From 21 August, a special issue of the magazine L’Equipe de 80 pages will be published to introduce the para-athletes of these Games. The daily will be entitled to special pages on the day of the opening of the Games and then at least 2 daily pages. The L’Equipe platform is not to be outdone since several content around the history of the Paralympic Games and its athletes will be published throughout the Olympiad.

Broadcast of a “prime time” program And for the first time, the L’Equipe channel will broadcast images of the Games during a daily “prime time” program »To review today’s performances. The group has signed a partnership with France Television, which will broadcast the events during 80 hours of direct. “Parasport is not yet very accessible, which is why it was important to us to be able to form this partnership with France Television. We can explain to people, educate them through images. Our goal is to make the parasport as accessible as possible “, enthuses Laurent Prud’homme.

For two hours of live on average, the program” Paralympic Games, the race for medals ”will review the highlights of the day and the results of the French, engaged in 10 disciplines, such as wheelchair fencing or para-cycling . The journalists will be accompanied by two consultants: the French champion in paratennis, Pauline Déroulède, and the gold medalist in para-swimming at the London Games, Charles Rozoy.

Objective Paris 2024 If “the sporting event is at the heart of the media treatment”, Laurent Prud’homme hopes that these Games will also be the opportunity to tell “stories, life journeys, so that we can be even closer to para-athletes”. For example, on the L’Equipe platform, an article will retrace the story of Jean-Baptiste Alaize, survivor of the Tutsi genocide and para-athlete specializing in sprint and long jump, Bronze medalist at the last European Championships in 2018. It will be present at the Tokyo Games.

But the L’Equipe group does not want to stop in the Japanese capital. He hopes to be able to broadcast future parasport competitions to follow the athletes highlighted during the Games. “It is important for us to work with the organizers of these events so that we can have access to images”, underlines Laurent Prud’homme.

The media now wishes to renew its partnership with France Television for the Beijing Winter Games in 2022, with one goal in mind: Paris 2024. “If we want the Paralympic Games in Paris to be a huge success, the L’Equipe group has a great responsibility: that of explaining, telling and creating the stars of tomorrow who will participate in the Games in Paris. ”