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Nvidia eliminates the bug that engulfs the CPU with the new GeForce driver

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Typically new graphics drivers should get your computer running, in common man’s parlance, Faster. But anyone who’s been a PC gamer long enough knows that’s not always the case. Take Nvidia’s latest Game Ready driver, which had the format undesirable effect of some users’ CPU spikes even after they had closed their games. According to Nvidia representatives, the issue is fixed in the latest driver release, which you can download now. We’re already seeing it offered automatically through GeForce Experience.

For reference, the problematic driver was 531.18, released on February 28, which got an initial hotfix in version 531.26 one week later. The latest update is the version 531.29, which takes it a step further by fixing two recently discovered issues: stability issues on some laptops with older GTX graphics cards, and stability issues for Adobe software since the initial February update. (And since Creative Suite programs aren’t the most stable tools at the best of times, I’m sure it’s greatly appreciated.)

Anything that even marginally slows down your computer tends to get the attention of PC gamers, but this kind of hiccup in gradual driver improvements isn’t unusual. AMD recently had a much bigger, albeit less widespread, problem when drivers for its new RX 7900 series of cards started blowing up entire Windows installations. Thankfully this was also fixed.