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Now you can play Sony’s Spider-Man in first person

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What would it be like if you could see through the eyes of Spidermanthe mask? Well, probably much like those first-person segments in 2012 The Incredible Spider-Man. But what if you could have that experience while also playing a game that tries to approximate the sensation of actually moving and swinging like everyone’s favorite silent wall crawler? So it would appear the new first person mod for the PC remaster of the acclaimed game from Sony Spiderman video game.

The mod comes from “JediJosh920”, which locks the game’s camera to Spidey’s head instead of the more typical third-person perspective. And its A lot. The result looks similar to those head-mounted GoPro videos posted by urban parkour enthusiasts, except those people aren’t flying between skyscrapers at a hundred miles an hour. It doesn’t help that Spidey, looking twenty-something that he is, is constantly tossing and turning to show off for the player.

In short, don’t watch the clip below if you’re in any way prone to motion sickness. If anyone tried to make a VR game out of it, they’d deplete the nation’s supply of barf bags.

JediJosh920 seems to have several mod options available because the second half of the video shows a more stable and user-friendly version. In this mode, the camera stays mostly forward-pointing, and you can occasionally see Spider-Man’s body twist and turn around you without the roller-coaster jolt of one-on-one matching with the game’s head. It’s something you might be able to watch or even play without senses enhanced by radioactive spider blood.

The mod is now available for subscribers to JediJosh920’s Patreon page. According to said page, it will be released for free in the near future.