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Now Pensions Login

Login to your NOW: Pensions account by selecting the option that best describes you. Employer, employee, adviser or payroll bureau.

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Can I withdraw my now pension?

You can either take cash in chunks, or take all your pension savings at once. You have complete freedom to use the cash in any way you want. The only thing you can’t do is put it back into a pension. It’s also important to understand what tax you’ll have to pay.

Can I transfer my now pension?

Yes. You can transfer your Scheme pension savings out to another pension provider as long as: you’re a deferred member, no longer paying contributions to the Scheme, and. the Scheme Trustee agrees you can transfer out.

Where is my contract number now pensions?

If you’ve started work with an employer that uses our Scheme as its workplace pension, you’ll get an email or letter explaining how to set up your online member account. This will have your NOW: Pensions contract ID, which is usually four letters plus 12 digits (for example, NPLT 0000-0000-0000).