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Notorious French serial killer Charles Sobhraj known as ‘The Serpent’ freed from prison in Nepal.

origin 1Nepalese police escort Charles Sobhraj to the immigration office, in Kathmandu, Nepal. ©Niranjan Shrestha/Copyright 2022 AP. All rights reserved.

French serial killer Charles Sobhraj was released from prison in Nepal on Friday after serving most of his sentence for killing American and Canadian backpackers. His lawyer said he boarded a flight back to Paris.

With the money received from a friend, a ticket was purchased and the French Embassy in Kathmandu prepared the necessary travel documents to enable him to take his flight on Friday evening.

The Supreme Court had ordered Sobhraj released due to poor health and good behavior and having served more than 75 percent of his sentence.

Life sentences in Nepal are 20 years. The order also said he had to leave the country within 15 days.

Sobhraj is said to have heart disease. In the past he has admitted to killing several Western tourists. He is believed to have killed at least 20 people in Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Turkey, Nepal, Iran and Hong Kong in the 1970s. His 2004 conviction in Nepal was the first time he had been convicted in court.

His nickname, The Serpent, comes from his reputation for slipping through the net.

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