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Norway is making a huge helicopter purchase

The first shipment is expected in the summer of 2025, and after that the purchased machines will arrive in the country by 2027. Use of helicopters

it also strengthens national supervision, the preparedness of the army and our presence in the northern regions

said Björn Arild Gram.

NATO member Norway is responsible for overseeing two million square kilometers of open water. In addition, the Arctic part of the Scandinavian Peninsula has a direct border with Russia that is approximately 200 kilometers long, and the base of the Russian Army’s Northern Fleet and its nuclear submarines is also located on the Kola Peninsula, which is also in the Arctic.

Oslo announced in June that it was decommissioning its NH90 military helicopter fleet and demanded reimbursement from the Airbus helicopter consortium, for which the vehicles were “either unreliable or delivered late – if they arrived at all”.

Due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, Norway raised the readiness of its army to a higher level in November and assigned more people to carry out operational tasks. In addition, due to the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in September, Oslo ordered military supervision of the country’s offshore oil and gas extraction rigs, and after Russian natural gas exports to the European Union fell, Norway became Europe’s largest gas supplier.

Cover image source: Getty Images