Nfl Tom Brady does not stop: “Not yet. The work is not finished”

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Six weeks ago the announcement of the stop at 44. Tampa believed it and had given way to the great quarterback. And now it’s Super Bowl eighth hunt for an extraordinary career

Tom Brady has changed his mind: go back to playing. He had announced the retirement, but he has changed his mind. An announcement on social media, an unexpected flash: “In the past two months I realized that my place is still on the pitch and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates and my family who support me and make everything possible. I’m going back for my 23rd season, to Tampa. The work is not finished ”.


If the withdrawal did not surprise anyone, indeed the American media had even anticipated it, ruining the announcement, this turnaround is sensational and unexpected. Yes, Brady had always seemed to leave a door open to a future return, who knows, but it seemed almost normal that after so much time on the gridiron the Californian 44 would struggle to break away from that reality. In short, it seemed more than anything else that it was understandably taking time to metabolize the new status of former player, the greatest ever in his sport. Even in the recent meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo to the direct question of the Portuguese, if he had “closed” definitively, he had not given a certain answer. Well, now those hesitations, those hesitations, in retrospect take on clearer contours: Brady was having second thoughts.

Tampa was waiting for him

The Bucs had not given up, following the announcement 6 weeks ago. They hoped that the love for the oval ball was stronger than the desire to devote himself to his family, to his partner Gisele, the famous Brazilian model, and to her children. Tampa, with whom he won a Lombardy Trophy in two seasons and played the playoffs twice, had in the meantime not made any offers for other quarterbacks, despite an effervescent market in this regard, with Wilson finishing in Denver from Seattle and Watson, out in Houston, courted by half an NFL. One of his best receivers, Godwin, has meanwhile renewed his contract, receiving the franchise tag for next season. Now the market for Tampa can start with different expectations: there will be many veterans – perhaps starting with the faithful Gronkowski – who will want to play with Brady, to try to win together what for the ageless quarterback would be the eighth Super Bowl. The General Manager of the Bucs, Jason Licht, had said: “We will leave the light on for him.” Brady saw her, and went home

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