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New symptoms appear in Coronavirus outbreak! Covid-19

New symptoms appear in Coronavirus outbreak! Covid-19: As the coronavirus epidemic affects the entire world, new information about the disease is being received every day. Experts have announced new symptoms seen in coronavirus.

New information about Covid-19 came from India, which has been called the new center of the outbreak. Doctors in the country announced that they had identified new symptoms of the virus. The country was besieged in the spring by the new variant known as the b1617.2 or ‘Delta’. Because of the variant, the health system was at the point of collapse, sometimes even vital oxygen was not found.

Scientists say Delta is the most contagious variant discovered to date, while doctors in India have discovered new symptoms other than typical Covid-19 symptoms.

Doctors say they have seen an increase in patients who come with typical CoVid-19 symptoms, as well as deafness or gangrene caused by blood clots, Bloomberg reported. Doctors believe gangrene, hearing loss and severe stomach ailments may be caused by the Covid-19 variant, first identified in India. Viral infections, on the other hand, have been recognized for many years as a common cause of adult deafness. Scientists emphasize that this is temporary in some cases, and in others permanent.

Health officials said there was not enough evidence yet that the new variant caused the new symptoms. Experts said this suspicion could become clearer once more data is collected.


Abdul Ghafur, an infectious diseases doctor at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, said the virus had become more “unpredictable” as new variants emerged, adding that he had now seen more patients with diarrhea compared to the first wave of the pandemic.

According to the British Mirror, six leading doctors treating Covid-19 patients in the country noticed common symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, hearing loss and joint pain. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country has increased to 28 million 996 thousand 473, and the number of casualties has increased to 351 thousand 309, while hundreds of people have seen new symptoms. The daily number of cases in India increased to 100 thousand on April 4, 200 thousand on April 15, 300 thousand on April 21, and 400 thousand on April 30.

But the ‘Delta’ variant isn’t the only thing in the coronaviruses claw that India is struggling with. In the ‘black fungus epidemic’ in the country, the danger is growing every day! The rise in cases of the eye disease “mucormycosis,” known as black fungus, is causing concern. According to initial information, the black fungus outbreak mostly affected coronavirus patients. About 60 percent of patients have lost one or both eyes because of the outbreak, experts said.

Because as part of the fight against this eye disease, doctors are forced to remove patients ‘ eyes with surgery. Experts emphasize that in order to prevent the spread of the fungal disease, which can be fatal, it is necessary to surgically remove the only eye that has spread.

As the disease, which has been seen in tens of thousands of patients in India, has already spread to surrounding countries, experts have described the group most vulnerable to the ‘black fungus’. Doctors say it is linked to stereoids used in the treatment of Covid, the BBC reported. Diabetes patients in particular are at risk. ‘Mucormycosis is strongly linked to poorly controlled diabetes,’ Dr David Denning, from the University of Manchester, said in a statement. The’ black fungus ‘ outbreak has also spread to surrounding countries. Pakistan has reported five cases of mucormycosis in recent weeks, and as of May 12, four have died.

Brazil has reported 29 cases so far, but it is unclear how many of them have Covid or diabetes. Russia is also among the countries that have encountered these cases recently. In Bangladesh, however, doctors continue to treat a confirmed case of mucormycosis.


Swelling of the face and black lesions are listed among the symptoms of infection. In some sources, it has been suggested that darkening or discoloration of the eye, blurred or double vision, and chest pain may also be symptoms.

The infection enters the bloodstream through a cut or respiratory system to a person and can spread to the heart, brain and lungs, among other vital organs. Black fungus causes severe damage, especially to patients who have had COVID-19. Experts note that the infection was triggered by steroid use in covid-19 patients. A patient recovering from Kovid-19 may die due to black fungus. Doctors and health officials are warning of a lack of the antifungal drug amphotericin B, which is needed to treat black fungal infections.