New radars to track down too noisy bikers soon to be experienced

jeancliclac / Getty Images Notice to bikers, noise will soon be controlled on the roads of France. Named “Medusa”, a new kind of radar has been designed to track the noise of vehicles that are a little too powerful. Appeared in July 790 on a road in Yvelines, the acoustic radar measures the decibels when two or three wheels pass and checks whether the standards are respected, explains Le Parisien , Saturday 12 August. Four microphones installed in a triangle, including one in the middle and a camera calculating at 131 degrees make up this new gear. This installation is good news for some, because, in the cities of France, motorcycles do not have not always the odds. Indeed, many residents complain about the incessant vroum vroum on neighboring roads. From next fall, they will be able to breathe a little with the first steps of an experiment with the radar in eight agglomerations of the Hexagon, which had volunteered. Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Bron, Rueil-Malmaison, Villeneuve-le-Roi, Saint-Lambert and Saint-Forget are the cities concerned by this new experience. “If this experiment is conclusive, we can then develop this means” of noise control, had hoped the mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc, from, last April.

Forecast 35906 But how to define well the threshold limit to be established for the noise level? “A maximum decibel threshold will be set by decree to determine the level at which it is appropriate to penalize a driver who makes too much noise,” said Fanny Mietlickui, director of Bruitparif, who created the Méduse radar. If a biker

is considered too noisy, the new radar will be able to read the license plate and send a report to the driver. But for the moment, the license plate reader is not yet installed on the device and no verbalization is planned before 2019, emphasizes Bruitparif to the Paris daily.

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This fall, the device will work thanks to an algorithm that will measure the frequencies of the noise according to the level and the position of the rider. Its goal ? “Identify and punish excessively noisy machinery due to overspeeding, excessive speed, unclamping, the use of an unapproved muffler, modified or whose baffle has been removed on motorcycles “, emphasizes Bruitparif. If this measure makes the residents happy, anger is mounting on the side of the French Federation of Motorcyclists

. They wonder about the automation of verbalization. For example, if two motorcycles pass the same in front of the radar, will both be involved?

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