After the interest in IGTV dropped, Instagram added a new feature. By bringing the subtitles feature for IGTV, videos will be reached to much more people.

Instagram is one of the most-watched and circulated apps for popular videos. However, videos in different languages ​​cannot be watched much because they do not have subtitles. Instagram is also preparing to offer a new feature as a solution to this …

Following the launch of the Instagram Reels feature, there was a decline in users’ interest in IGTV. In this context, a subtitle feature is added to IGTV videos to both revive IGTV and to spread the videos more.

How will the subtitles be implemented?

Automatic subtitle translations in a total of 16 languages ​​will be made with an algorithm supported by artificial intelligence. With a feature similar to the Youtube application, the subtitle option can be opened as a preference from the settings section in the video.

This feature, which has been requested by users for a while, will be made available via IGTV. Thanks to the feature, hearing impaired individuals will be able to watch the videos more clearly. With this caption feature, which will be automatically added to Instagram and IGTV posts, it aims to reach more people and understand the videos.