New Asus ROG Phone 5s, a mobile that will be a beast for video games

Asus has presented two new versions of its ROG Phone 5, a smartphone aimed at gamers; The great novelty is in the use of a new processor.

Video games are increasingly important when choosing a new mobile phone, and for many users, it is essential that they be able to run online games well pointers like PUBG or Call of Duty. For this audience, Asus presented the ROG Phone range, of which the ROG Phone 5 was its latest edition.

Today, Asus takes a step further, with the introduction of the ROG Phone 5s and the ROG Phone 5s Pro, two phones that have the most cutting-edge hardware available today. The big difference from the previous model is in the adoption of the Snapdragon 888 + , the new Qualcomm processor, which is a little faster than the conventional 888 and includes important improvements in Artificial Intelligence.

Both models have more RAM memory than you will probably need, with 16 GB of RAM for the 5s, and nothing less than 18 GB of RAM for the 5s Pro. The Pro model also differs by having ROG Vision, a second screen on the back, plus two additional touch sensors to control our games. The display will also respond better on the Pro, thanks to the pickup frequency of 360 Hz versus 300 Hz of the normal model.

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By The rest are very similar models, with the same screen of 6, 78 inches AMOLED with Full HD + resolution; how could it be otherwise, it is very fast, reaching 144 Hz, but now we can choose a mode of 90 Hz to avoid wasting so much battery, which is added to those of 120 Hz and 60 Hz that the ROG Phone already had.

And it is because of the power of this mobile and its committed, we will need all the help we can to make it last long enough. That’s why the battery is huge , 6. 000 mAh, with fast charge support of 65 W. As for the cameras, there are three, with a main sensor of 64 MP, a wide angle of 13 MP, and a 5 MP macro; on the front, a 24 MP selfie camera. Probably due to the thickness, Asus has been able to cram in a 3.5mm audio output, which gamers who don’t want sound lag from their headphones will appreciate. For security, a fingerprint reader is included under the screen.

Asus confirms that the ROG Phone 5s will replace the original ROG Phone 5 when the stock of the second runs out. Therefore, we can expect a high price, even if it has not been announced at the moment.


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