Nba results, Dallas ruins Garnett’s party in Boston

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The Mavs go home to the Celtics: the Slovenian for once makes the assist man in the decisive basket. The Clippers beat Detroit in comeback

After Kevin Durant’s victory in Brooklyn with New York, on Sunday NBA gives away the victory of Dallas in Boston on the day of Kevin Garnett’s shirt retirement. The Clippers also rejoice, winning Detroit.

Boston Celtics-Dallas Mavericks 92-95
Luka Doncic penetrates the Boston defense with 9 ”to play, despite the left leg that hurts. Instead of sinking to the iron, surrounded by three defenders, he chooses an illuminating passage for Spencer Dinwiddie, lurking outside the arch: the basket. This is how Dallas (won 42-27 lost so far) wins against the Celtics (41-28) the splendid confrontation between two of the three best teams since the calendar says 2022, between the two best defenses of the new year. Boston would have liked to give another result to Kevin Garnett, who after the match became the 24th Celtics ever to see his jersey withdrawn, but the attack got stuck on the most beautiful starting with Jayson Tatum, under 30 points for the first time after 5 games (21 points with 7/23 shooting and 11 rebounds). And Udoka’s team stops for the first time after 5 wins: Jaylen Brown (16 points with 6/16 shooting), who is only seen for a couple of top-10 dunks, part of the reason for the attack it does not go beyond 37.5% to the shot. Kidd’s team, on the other hand, continues to fly: it is the 7th success in the last 8 games, the 25th in 33 races since the calendar says 2022, what confirms that Dallas has no intention of settling for fifth place. Also because Doncic (26 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists) had yet another confirmation of not being alone: ​​in the first quarter he stopped due to a resentment in his left adductor, he returned to the field at the beginning of the second quarter and up to the middle of the third he was the shadow of himself. Finney-Smith gave him a big hand, 18 of his 19 points in the second half, Dinwiddie (18 points with 5/14 shooting), and Kleber with 13 rebounds. The Mavs rose in tone when he found himself, showing Kidd that the forced experiment with 3 point guards on the field can work.

the match

The defenses immediately dominated, but Doncic’s injury confused ideas in attack in Dallas. Boston, ahead 20-18 at the end of the first quarter, takes advantage of it in the second, putting in a partial of 21-8 that Smart closes at 47-35 at 5 “from the interval, where Dallas arrives under 47-38 thanks to the triple on the siren of Dinwiddie. Horford leads Boston to 56-43 at the start of the second half, but when Doncic finds his rhythm, Dallas rises in tone: Luka (11 points in the period) and Finney-Smith fuel the reversal that the Mavs close with the 76-73 of the siren. The last quarter is a splendid head-to-head that Dinwiddie tries to close with 9 ”from the end with the triple from 95-92 Mavs. The shot of the possible tie is taken by Tatum (after a coach’s challenge by Kidd cancels three trips to the line for Smart), but the ball hits the iron and the victory is for Dallas. Boston: Tatum 21 (4/13 from two, 3/10 from three, 4/5 free throws), Horford 17, Smart 15. Rebounds: Tatum 11. Assists: Smart 4, Brown 4, Tatum 4. Dallas: Doncic 26 (4/6, 4/10, 6/6 tl), Finney-Smith 19, Dinwiddie 18. Rebounds: Kleber 13. Assists: Doncic 8.

Detroit Pistons-Los Angeles Clippers 102-106
The Clippers (36-34) find themselves in the second half after a disastrous first half and beat Detroit (18-50), in their third consecutive defeat. The hero of the match for Lue’s team is Marcus Morris, who finishes with 31 points. Kennard’s 16 points with 4 triples, Zubac’s 15 rebounds and Jackson’s 9 assists are also fundamental. The Pistons, also ahead of 18 in the first half, do not take advantage of another great game of Cade Cunningham (21 points, 9 rebounds, 10 assists), back in the running for the rookie of the year award. It is he, after the Clippers have canceled all the good Detroit had done up to that point in the fourth period, who tries to bring the Pistons back under. But the 97-92 that Los Angeles had with 4’34 ”from the end holds up and in the end it is the guests who rejoice.
Detroit: Cunningham 23 (10/17, 0/3, 3/3 tl), Grant 21, Bagley 15. Rebounds: Cunningham 9. Assists: Cunningham 10
LA Clippers: Morris 31 (7/14, 3/5, 8/8 tl), Kennard 16, Jackson 15. Rebounds: Zubac 15. Assists: Jackson 9

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