Soluciones naturales para la

Natural solutions for eyebrow loss

“What are the ways to prevent eyebrow loss?” If you ask, we have the answer !

The eyebrows are the most important element to complete the expression of your face. Factors such as improper eyebrow brushing and stress can cause your eyebrows to fall out and not reappear. For this reason, the loss of eyebrows can become a nightmare for most people. You can fight against the loss of eyebrows with natural methods .

What Causes Eyebrow Loss?

Eyebrows are an extremely important element for survival in the evolutionary process. Our expressions tell the other person if we are dangerous, if we are friends or enemies. Today, the eyebrows are one of the most important parts of our communication. So what are the things that cause eyebrow loss?

Skin Problems:  Inflammatory skin conditions, psoriasis, and eczema can damage the roots of the eyebrows, which can lead to drooping of the eyebrows. After the treatment of these diseases, the eyebrows can start to grow back.

Piercing: Since  piercing in the brow area kills the brow roots, they may fall out after a while. Although this does not shed the eyebrows, it does cause regional hair loss.

Hormones –  Changes in hormonal balance in conditions like pregnancy and thyroid disease can cause eyebrows to droop.

Torn Eyebrows  :  Applications you make at the salon or at home to change the shape of your eyebrows can also cause your eyebrows to droop. Sometimes when the eyebrows are taken incorrectly, they do not grow back and there may be regional bleeding.

Stress: Stress,  which can be the cause of any illness, can also lead to loss of eyebrows.

How can I prevent eyebrow loss with natural methods?

Various oils:  Olive oil, castor oil, and almond oil help hair follicles to become stronger and thicker. Apply these oils by massaging your brows with your fingers and let them sit for at least 30 minutes.

Milk:  Due to the protein it contains, milk can be a very effective product for hair and eyebrows. After combing your eyebrows with an eyebrow comb, apply the milk to the base of your eyebrows with the help of a cotton swab. Wash your brows 20 minutes after the milk has dried. You can apply it twice a day.

Onion juice: in addition to  being a very powerful antioxidant, onion is also extremely effective in the development and growth of hair follicles. After grating the onion, we separate the water with the help of cheesecloth. Massage your eyebrows with onion juice for 5 minutes. Let dry and wash. It will cause some odor but the effect is worth it .