NASA Scientist: Magnetic Shield Will Make Mars Habitable – RB

The NASA scientist: a magnetic shield will make Mars habitable – RB

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NASA scientist: a magnetic shield will make Mars habitable – RB

The NASA scientist: a magnetic shield will make Mars habitable – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The NASA scientist: a magnetic shield will make Mars habitable – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

NASA scientist: a magnetic shield will make Mars habitable – RB


A huge magnetic shield capable of stopping the action of the Sun on the surface of Mars: so the planet will terraform itself, according to Jim Green

11 January 2022

NASA has just presented its new Scientific Director : will be Dr. Katherine Calvin, former climate consultant for the ‘American Space Agency. He takes the place of Jim Green , who before sitting on the bench taller than the Agency’s science department was one of NASA’s leading scientists for nearly forty years and has no plans to retire ahead of retirement.

The terraforming of Mars

In a recent interview with the New York Times , Jim Green back to top one of the hottest topics for the future of space exploration: the possibility of terraforming Mars , or to provide it with an atmosphere that allows men, in the not too distant future, to live there.

Among the over 100 scientific publications which Green has taken part in during the last forty years of NASA’s history, one of which he seems most fond of is precisely the possibility of making the red planet habitable.

Green’s idea was presented in 2017 to Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop , a large meeting for astronomers and scientists, which aimed to define the long-term programs of planetary scientific research and space exploration.

On that occasion the paper ” A future Martian environment for science and exploration was presented “, which for the first time presented Jim Green’s revolutionary idea for the terraforming of Mars to the scientific community.

The idea is to create “a strongly strengthened Martian atmosphere, both in pressure and in temperature, such as to allow the presence of significant quantities of liquid water on the surface”, such as to allow human activities to take place on the red planet “from 2040 forward “- reads the paper of 2017.

Far from being shelved, the mission to find a solution for the terraforming of Mars re-emerges in the interview granted by Jim Green on the occasion of his “retirement”.

A large magnetic shield

Jim Green confirms the view of 2017: it is possible to “force” the creation of an atmosphere for Mars by placing a huge magnetic shield between the red planet and the Sun . This could stop the action of the Sun, “which has been constantly violating the Martian atmosphere” for a few billion years.

As Green explains in the recent interview, “if we go back billions of years, we will discover that Venus was a blue planet, with a large ocean”; and going back another billion years, we get to the point where Mars too was a “blue planet” .

In fact, we know that the red planet lost its magnetic field about 3.5 billion years ago : “then the water began to evaporate and Mars turned into a stagnant planet,” says Green.

Stopping the Sun’s action on the planet’s surface would make life on Mars possible, at least hypothetically. “Just stop the action of the Sun” says Green “and the pressure will increase: Mars will terraform itself thus ”, and that’s exactly what scientists want. “We want the planet to actively participate in any possible way” in its terraforming.

Going into more detail, “the first level of terraforming is located at 60 millibar “, Approximately 10 times the atmospheric pressure of the planet: at this point, also called ” Armstrong limit “, it is possible to an astronaut “walking on the surface of the planet without his blood starting to boil in his veins”.

There are different scenarios for the construction of the Martian magnetic shield: “I have been working on research in this sense for two years” concludes Green, anticipating that this will certainly not be well received by the scientific community, which in general “does not like the idea of ​​terraforming the things”. According to Green, on the other hand, we can even think of terraforming Venus too – in a slightly more distant future.