Nail polish trends: this easy to do manicure will be on all nails this fall / winter (News) – Nail polish trends: this easy to do manicure will be on all nails this fall / winter As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Nail polish trends: this easy-to-achieve manicure will be on all nails this fall / winter” Here are the details .. At the end of the year, French women are falling for a type of manicure that goes against trends across the Atlantic. Forgotten, whimsical nails, room for sobriety and delicacy!

What will be the nail polish trends this fall-winter? To know the real preferences of French women, nothing like a little trip to beauty institutes! The Treatwell treatment booking platform surveyed several top-rated partner salons to investigate their customers’ desires.

And despite the influence of figures with eccentric manicures like Kylie Jenner and the Hadid sisters, it’s a much more understated nail look that French women prefer to adopt. ..

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The minimalist manicure, key trend for fall-winter 2021 – 2022 Almond nails Forgotten, the extravagant patterns and extra-long nails! According to the manager of the Bayzin Institute in Paris (750016), nail art is now a thing of the past. Customers are looking for more sobriety and are turning to monochrome hues and a very natural almond shape. A look that can quite be achieved with gel or semi-permanent, two techniques that are still relevant today.

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Soft shades: pastel, nude and mocha On the color side, it is the soft tones that are preferred. Traditional red manicures are swapped for pastel shades that are elegant and simple. According to the manager of the Parisian institute L’Instant d’un regard (8670), nude and mocha are among the most popular. Good news, their delicacy and sobriety are suitable for all occasions … and all ages.

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