MSI Afterburner Download; Developed by MSI, Afterburner is the most popular graphics card overclocking tool in overclocking competitions worldwide., With Afterburner, which MSI has made available to all graphics card users, regardless of brand, upon request, you can easily access information about your graphics card and make almost all settings easily. Find More Information Here.

How to use MSI AfterBurner

You can easily customize Afterburner‘s interface with a visual suitable for your desktop.

If you want, you can overclock remotely by installing Afterburner on your MSI Afterburner iOS App or MSI Afterburner Android App, and test the limits of your graphics card with the accompanying Kombustor benchmark software.

  • License: Free
  • Publisher: MSI
  • Size: 48.1
  • Submitted by: process
  • Interface: English
  • Update: 27.05.2019
  • System: Windows 10
  • Virus Scan: 0/8
MSI After Burner Download