Motorola RAZR 2022 will have super-RB chip and screen

Motorola RAZR 2022 will have super chip and screen – RB

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Motorola RAZR 2022 will have chip and super screen – RB

Motorola RAZR 2022 will have super chip and screen – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Motorola RAZR 2022 will have super chip and screen – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Motorola RAZR 2022 will have super chip and screen – RB


The version 2022 of the Motorola foldable smartphone RAZR will come soon and will feature a very high level processor and display

11 January 2022

It was the top management of Lenovo – in the person of Chen Jin – who anticipated at the end 2021 the arrival of a version 2022 of Motorola RAZR and, finally, more precise indications on the characteristics of the iconic model are starting to arrive. The new folding should improve significantly compared to its predecessors.

This time, in fact, the company would not want to make the same mistakes and equip RAZR 3 – so it could be called the smartphone of the 2022 – a top-of-the-range technical data sheet, to allow it to compete on an equal footing with other devices in the category. According to XDA Developer , there may already be one list of technical specifications that we will find on board the Motorola leaflet. Although there are not many details regarding the diagonal of the display and the configuration of the cameras, we can still reconstruct a fairly precise identikit of RAZR 2022.

Motorola RAZR 2022, how will it be

The bombshell is that this time Motorola will get serious and, instead of relying on mid-range processors, it should resort to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen chipset 1 . After Honor Magic V – just made official – it would be another folding smartphone with the top of the Qualcomm range.

The opening and closing mechanism should always be the classic clamshell that made the Motorola phone famous in the distant past 2003, when there were still no smartphones and even less foldable displays.

On board Motorola RAZR 3, we could also find RAM memory up to 12 GB and internal memory up to 512 GB . The biggest trade-off would be the display, which may have a resolution of only 1080 p , but still have an update frequency of 120 Hz . The panel should be a AMOLED in punch-hole configuration. On the outside, however, there would be a secondary display but no details are known at the moment.

Some variant could support the ultra-broadband ( UWB ), to ensure better location detection and also allow remote interaction with smart devices. Xiaomi has already used this technology to control the smart home devices of its ecosystem. In addition, NFC for contactless payments should not be missing. Finally, we should find the Android operating system 05 .

Motorola RAZR 2022, when it arrives

With these features, Motorola RAZR 2022 could seriously worry even Samsung and its successful folding models, namely the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3.

The device should also be launched outside the Chinese borders and reach $pe and North America in the coming months. The latest RAZR device saw the light in September of 2020 , so we are already well behind the schedule.