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MOTD: Complete list of presenters, pundits and commentators who have retired

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By Gray Whitebloom

On Thursday afternoon, Gary Lineker still believed he’d be lounging in the Match of the Day swivel chair to present highlights of Premier League action as he made some strenuous but catchy puns.

However, on Friday, it was revealed that Lineker had “stepped back” from hosting duties after posting a series of controversial tweets criticizing the “beyond terrible” refugee policy announced by UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

While Lineker was forcibly removed from BBC screens, a glut of colleagues have shown their sympathy for Lineker by withdrawing from programs across the company’s football schedule.

Here is a list of all the presenters, pundits and commentators who have stepped back in support of a colleague who has been sidelined.

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Alex Scott- Shortly after it was revealed Lineker would not be hosting Match of the Day on Friday, Scott published a GIF of American politician Bernie Sanders saying, “No! Not me.” The following morning, the former England international revealed he would not present the BBC’s Football Focus, which was due to air at 12pm on Saturday. Instead of him, Bargain Hunt appeared.

Kelly Somer Before Scott even confirmed he wouldn’t be hosting Football Focus, Somers denied any rumors about her being replaced for someone when she tweeted: “Just to confirm that I won’t be on BBC television today.”

Mark Chapmann – Without releasing a statement, Chapman has retired from hosting BBC Radio 5Live sports coverage and is not expected to appear on Match of the Day 2 as the show undergoes the same polish as Saturday’s broadcast.

Jason Muhammad – Six hours before the BBC wrap-up show was due to air, the host of Final Score confirmed which would not feature the program which was eventually replaced by The Repair Shop.

Colin Murray The former Match of the Day 2 host has confirmed the BBC radio show Fighting Talk will not be airing ‘for obvious reasons’ on Saturday, detector that “this was a decision made by me and the entire FT team”.

Rob Phillips – The BBC Radio Wales Call Rob Phillips program was replaced by a recording of a gala concert after the host reportedly retired.


Ian Wright- As with so many off-the-court issues, Wright was one of the first to react and set the precedent, pulling out of his pundit role in Match of the Day on Friday afternoon.

Alan Shearer – An hour and 11 minutes after Wright announced he was stepping back, Shearer replicated the position taken by his fellow former England international.

Mica Richards – The same Friday night, Richards quickly distanced myself from filling one of the pundit slots in Match of the Day before being asked.

Jermaine Yen – Widely touted as Lineker’s long-term replacement as Match of the Day host, Jenas revealed that he wouldn’t be taking anyone’s chair this weekend as soon as he wrapped up presenting BBC One Show on Friday.

Glenn Murray After “reflecting last night”, the former Brighton and Crystal Palace striker decided to “walk away” from his scheduled appearances on Football Focus and Final Score on Saturday morning.

Anita Asante The former England international and current Bristol City first team manager has also retired from participating in Football Focus.

Dion Dublin – BBC telecasts weren’t the only form of media impacted by Dublin’s decision not to participate in BBC Radio 5Live coverage on Saturday, although BBC senior football reporter Ian Dennis commented, which he said resulted in a series of unjustified abuses.

Jermain DeFoe – Following in the footsteps of Wright and Shearer, Defoe preemptively confirmed that he would not appear as an expert on Sunday’s Match of the Day, Match of the Day 2 offering.


Friday evening, Steve Wilson revealed that the commentary team scheduled to cover Premier League matches to be shown on Saturday’s match day “has decided to step down from tomorrow night’s broadcast”.

Simon Brother, Conor McNamara AND Steven Wyeth he tweeted the same statement. Robyn Coven he does not have a public Twitter account but was reportedly in favor of the decision.

Little Meulensteen, Guy Mowbray, Steve Bower AND Marco Scotto all issued the same statement on Sunday which read: ‘Like yesterday, there will be no ‘normal’ MOTD(2) schedule tonight. The scheduled commentary team are in full agreement with our colleagues at BBC Sport. can find a solution ASAP.”

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