Mortal Game From birth to death, Life is a game Is it good?

We may not be able to choose our place of birth and our family, but the choices we make throughout our lives largely determine what kind of life we will live. Our talents, our hobbies, our friends, our choice of profession, our relationships with people.

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In short, everything we fit into a lifetime shows us what kind of life we live and what kind of person we are when we look back after years.

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Do we want to live a lonely life or a life where we are together with our family and friends? Do we want to do a certain job in working hours or to pursue our dreams? Really, what do you want to do?

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Life is a Game is a game where you control and direct the life of a character from birth to death.

Basically a simulation game, the production also winkes at endless running and platform types. But most of all, of course, the subject he deals with.

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There are two important buttons at the bottom right: Selection and jumping! You either choose the options you encounter at every stage of your life with these two buttons or try to jump by jumping. At the same time, various buttons appear at the bottom left in line with the choices you make. It is very important to be a good person by pressing these buttons frequently, which have functions such as calling your friends, taking care of your hobby, spending time with your family.

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You make your choices from the very first seconds of your life as a baby. These choices both determine your future and are factors that affect every stage of your life. For example, if you were interested in music or painting as a child, you can turn into a character whose artistic aspect is predominant in your youth. With the friend choices you made in your youth, your middle-aged partner choice, whether you stay away from harmful habits and many more details, Life is a Game allows us to experience a huge life in just a few minutes.

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Why We Love It?

  • After you die, you see how you live, frame by frame, what people think about you, and how the choices you make / do not make affect your life.
  • Besides the elections, the luck factor has not been forgotten. Just like in real life, your choices cannot completely direct your life. In this context, luck is also very effective.
  • The fast gameplay structure of the game, which ends in a few minutes, actually reveals how fast life is flowing and what we can and cannot fit into this timeline.

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About Life is a Game

This game is inspired by the saying “life is a marathon”. This is a new type of game with a combination of a running and simulation gameplay to play and look back on your life with a special reminiscence system. Additionally, it’s a game with an emotional mood with its touching stories and pixel art.