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Moroccan fans disappointed after the cancellation of flights to the World Cup in Qatar

origin 1Moroccan fans can’t wait to see their team face France in their first World Cup semi-final ©AP TV

Morocco’s national airline, Royal Air Maroc, had organized 30 flights to Qatar for fans to see their team make history as the first Arab and first African team to make it this far in the competition.

Seven of these flights were to be operated by Qatar Airways, however, in a last minute move, they were cancelled.

Qatar Airways has not given any official reason why the flights were cancelled, although Doha airport officials reportedly said this was because a large number of Moroccan fans did not have tickets for the match .

This was despite the Moroccan football federation handing out free tickets to fans as early as Tuesday in Qatar.

The return flight deal, costing just over €450, was arranged earlier this week after Morocco beat Portugal in the quarter-finals.

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