Can I use 3 displays simultaneously 2 monitors and the laptop?

The first question is whether or not your PC’s hardware will support multiple monitors. If you’ve got a system that’s only a few years old, you should be fine, since dual and triple displays are supported both by integrated graphics from Intel and AMD, as well as discrete graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia.

Monitor for laptop portable monitor dual monitor triple monitor trio monitor

Setting up 3 screens on a laptop can be tedious and a bit time consuming so I’m going to show you how to get around it even if you’ve only got one HDMI slot

you will need a few bits of tech but it will be worth it in the end besides they’re not really have much money

Guys stick around because I’ve got important information at end of this video which will assist your installation

My laptop has one HDMI and one VGA and quite a few USB slots.

I will use one USB slot with an adaptor one HDMI cable which goes directly into the monitor and thirdly I will use the VGA slot for the third monitor

Bear in mind you can use a second USB to hdmi adapter to get the same effect but you would need to buy two adaptors to do so

Important Tip:
always always backup your machine before you do such a operation because if your USB driver fails you in a bit of a pickle because you will not be able to see the screen to do anything and you can bust your machine so bear in mind do not uninstall anything before checking it out and making sure that you do not uninstall the wrong things and ruin your machine

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