Molds and cookie cutters to spend Christmas evenings with family and children

Molds and cookie cutters to spend Christmas evenings with family and children

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Molds and cookie cutters to spend evenings with the family and children at Christmas

Molds and cookie cutters to spend evenings with family and children at Christmas We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Molds and cookie cutters to spend Christmas evenings with family and children Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Molds and cookie cutters to spend Christmas evenings with family and children

Now that the little ones spend so much time at home thanks to the Christmas holidays , it’s a good idea keep them busy doing fun activities with them.

A very entertaining option if we have a little chef at home is to bake cookies with different and fun shapes, and then eat them as a family! That is why we have signed these cookie molds to use at Christmas and all year round:

The first of our options is very Christmas and although it would arrive home just before the end of the year, it is still a good time to enjoy with the little ones of the house. It is a set of cookie cutters in the shape of a doll, a Christmas tree and the necessary parts to assemble a typical gingerbread house.

We can find this complete set in Amazon with a total of 18 stainless steel parts (oven and dishwasher safe ) for only 13, 119 euros (with delivery on 27 December if we order today).

Christmas Cookie Cutter, Cookie Molds, Stainless Steel Cookie Mold, 18 Parts

More neutral and perfect to use throughout the year are these stainless steel cutters with shapes of hearts, stars, circles or flowers, in different sizes. A complete batch of cutters that we can use at Christmas (the stars) or Valentine’s (hearts), but which we can also take advantage of on children’s birthdays.

We found it for sale on Amazon for only 8, 99 euros the complete set of 12 dishwasher and oven safe cutters (delivery would be the 30 December if we buy it today).

FINEVERNEK Lot of 12 pastry cookie cutters, metal cookie mold Steel cookie cutters stainless

More childish is this selection of silicone molds, perfect for the little ones in the house who love the engine because they are shaped like cars, trucks, elicopters and vespa-type motorcycles. A very simple way to make the cookies since they only have to make sure to fill the mold with the dough and wait for them to be made in the oven.

Being made of silicone (BPA free) it is easy to unmold and then we can easily clean them by hand or in the dishwasher. We found it on Amazon in a pack of 8 on sale today by 14, 99 13, 99 euros.

GS 8 3D vehicle shaped cookie baking cookie mold for making children’s cookies and Christmas cookies

Finally, if we want to personalize the cookies to the maximum, we can make them in a simple, round way with this cutter and give it a touch thanks to these stamps with messages. A way of making it clear that the recipe has been made with love and affection, but without too many complications.

Lurch 10524 Stamps for Biscuits, 6 Pieces, plastic, Multicolor, 6 x 6 x 6 cm

The set consists of six pieces, five silicone stamps (with wooden handles) with different designs and a simple stainless steel cutter. All for sale on Amazon for only 12, 90 euros (with next business day shipping).

graham crackers, raisins and nuts American style

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