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You only have a few hours left to take advantage of the Prixtel mobile subscription from 40 at 60 Go at a reduced price. You are one of those consumers whose data consumption varies every month, and you are tired of paying the same rate for a plan that you do not operate at 99%? The Le petit de Prixtel subscription is made for you. The price of this mobile subscription varies depending on what you use. The price of Prixtel is 4, 99 euros per month for the first year if you use between 0 and 40 GB of data (9, 99 euros after). For 40 at 50 Go consumed, you pay 7, 77 euros per month for the first year then 12, 99 euros. For 50 at 60 Go is an invoice of 9, 99 euros per month for one year then 14,99 euros which is to be paid. In addition to being able to use this envelope, you benefit from 03 Go from the EU and overseas departments, and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, from the EU and overseas departments. This Prixtel offer without obligation is valid until Tuesday August 3.

Prixtel mobile plan: take advantage of many advantages The mobile plans offered by Prixtel have many advantages. As you will have understood, the very first of them is to give you maximum flexibility. Depending on your needs and your monthly consumption, you do not pay the same rate. With Le petit de Prixtel, you can have an invoice of 4, 77 euros a month, then 7, 99 euros, then again 4, 77 euros. The second major advantage of Prixtel telephone subscriptions is that they are non-binding. If you want to opt out after a few months, you can do so without paying a termination fee. Also, if you feel that the subscription 14 to Go is not enough for you, you can choose other plans with even more data that work the same way. There is Le grand de Prixtel, from 7, 77 euros per month (60 at 99 Go), and The Prixtel giant from 10, , 99 euros per month (100 to 120 Go, 4G and 5G) also on sale until
August only.

Click here to take advantage of the Prixtel offer on the Le petit mobile plan

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