Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition Download – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is an exciting new development in the famous building and survival adventure. Taking advantage of the game’s creative perspectives from different angles, the developers had a new experience to teach teamwork and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging environment. Using the Minecraft tool to encourage learning through creative play is the concept behind this unique premise.

Microsoft was developing a new Minecraft version called Minecraft: Education Edition to be available in schools. Finally the project is completed.

In the first month of 2016, we wrote that the Minecraft  education version was prepared and it will be used in lessons in schools. This version is now available in 50 countries and 11 languages.

The world’s most widely played computer games and consoles located between Minecraft ‘s, training a positive contribution to found Microsoft Minecraft to be used in schools: one named Education Edition Minecraft version was developing. Finally, this project was completed and signaled that Minecraft: Education Edition , the Minecraft Education Edition, has been completed for use in Microsoft education units.

Minecraft Education Edition will be published in 11 languages ​​in 50 countries and can be used in primary and secondary education classes. Minecraft Education Edition in schools; It was designed to help classes such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics , history, language education and art. This will be a version that will support education courses. Of course, you guessed Turkey is not yet among these countries. 

For teachers who will use Minecraft Education Edition in their classrooms, Microsoft also launched the education.minecraft.net website, which can support teachers . This website provides extensive information on how the version can be used in education and how it can be integrated into the regular course instruction. Minecraft Education Edition is not a free version. Need to pay $ 5 per use. Prices may vary for wider uses. Minecraft Education Edition is already available in the USA. 

Unlimited Creative Learning

Used as a classroom style learning tool, Minecraft Education Edition offers many groundbreaking features to support learning in a safe environment. Characters can be customized before joining a secure community where players can collaborate on building projects with their peers. All work can be documented and presented to classmates in a fun and engaging way. The game also includes digital guides that can offer advice and learning guidance in the Minecraft universe.

A Unique and Interesting Method of Collaboration

Minecraft Education Edition is unique and well designed. Using a recognizable and incredibly popular game to teach cooperative learning in a safe environment is a good feat. The fact that Minecraft offers limitless creative opportunities in an engaging digital world is an important reason to present it as a tool for education. As a creative outlet, the game is unique.

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