Minecraft Apk Android Télécharger! Minecraft Pocket Edition apk  is one of the most popular games of the Android platform, produced by Mojang studio, which I think you should try if you like survival, adventure and open world games.

Minecraft Download: It is a complete adventure production as well as a unique type of survival and strategy game where you play by replacing cube-shaped designs.

By downloading Minecraft, you will have one of the most popular survival and strategy games in the world on your computer. In the game where you will push the limits of your creativity, you will try to survive while creating new three-dimensional designs with cubes. While doing all these, you can create all the worlds you can think of with unlimited creativity, and you can navigate the world you created without being able to stop it.

Your goal is to build your own living space in the universe you are in with the cube man you control and try to survive.

  • Dozens of error arrangements have been made, and innovations for animals, tools and blocks are waiting for you.
  • Hundreds of blocks, creatures, areas to explore, villagers will be at your fingertips.
  • The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good.
  • Controls can be provided with double fingers.

WARNING: To play the game with the newest features, while creating a new world or editing your old world, go to the game section under the create button in the side menu and activate the “Use Experimental Gameplay” option.

Download and Play Minecraft

In  order to perform the download process, you must first click on the Minecraft download button under the logo on the top left  . You should then click on the Minecraft online setup file, which will be downloaded automatically to your computer, and wait for the game to load. After starting the download process, after the installation is completed, you need to enter your predefined username and password in order to log in to the game. Note that since the game is paid, you must have purchased the game before before you can have your own account or open a new one.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft , which is the first Sandbox game, is a successful game where we mining in the universe of the game, build our own structures and fight for survival. Thanks to its single player and multiplayer game options, Minecraft offers different experiences to the players  and keeps the game alive and playable thanks to the different modes it has.

How to Play Minecraft?

If you downloaded Minecraft and installed the game, you can start the game. If you started the game with Minecraft survival mode, your goal will be to collect wood by punching the trees you find around you, and then build your production bench where you can prepare your own materials by turning the woods you collect into workable boards. You can have new production materials by mining with the pickax you will prepare afterwards and you can start the necessary preparations for the later parts of the game.

1 day in the Minecraft universe takes about 10-20 minutes in the real world. For this reason, if you want to spend the night safely and survive, it is useful to be quick. A house of four walls and the weapons you will prepare against the dangers you may encounter at night will do your job.

After surviving the first day safely, we will improve your home for the following days, protect yourself from dangers at night, produce furniture for your home, find sheep to make a bed for yourself, use their wool, collect materials for various weapons and tools, prepare safes to keep your belongings safe. and you can start collecting food to keep you fed. What you will do in the next days in the universe is entirely up to your imagination and creativity.

What is a sandbox game?

In Minecraft, which is called the sandbox game, every player shapes their world, just like kids building sand castles. You don’t have to have a specific purpose or a mission. At this point, you can completely determine your own tasks and goals.

Anyway, every time you start the game again, you will be in a different world, in a different geography and you will shape your goals according to the conditions of the place where you started the game. Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive points of the game is this freedom it offers to its players. At the same time, thanks to the unofficial modes developed for the game, you can compete with your friends, race or do many other things that you cannot think of.

As a result, the game, in which you try to create your own world by combining 3D blocks, has been developed to offer you an incredible gaming experience. Discovering, surviving, designing new things and building new structures are becoming a reality in the Minecraft universe. Good games already.

Minecraft History

Minecraft was a project that a Norwegian developer named Marcus Persson started to improve himself on the Java platform. Persson, who started to develop the game alone in 2009, had published Minecraft by 2011. 

The game, which offers the players the chance to use their creativity, quickly started to attract attention after 2011. By 2014, both new contents were added to the game and some changes were made in its gameplay. 

Minecraft, which appeared on almost every platform after it was released for the PC platform, reached hundreds of millions of players in 2014 and attracted the attention of large large companies. Microsoft bought the game for $ 2.5 billion in 2014. 

The production, which was started by one person, suddenly became one of the most expensive games in the world and made Person among the dollar billionaires.


Endless crafting.

Stylish graphics,

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