microsoft teams download

Microsoft Teams Download

Microsoft Teams

The ability to connect with family and friends and make arrangements together in a single application.

Teams are not a work-only practice. Now you can stay connected to every aspect of your life with the new Teams mobile app, which is available in the preview phase.

Get more out of your chats

microsoft teams download
microsoft teams download

Teams is your mobile messaging center. Start a video chat directly from your group chats, assign tasks to contacts, edit calendars, send GIFs, and access cloud storage.

Proceed in harmony

Access Group calendars, events, and shared tasks from one place with Teams. With the central view of teams, you can access events, photos and videos from your group chat. So everyone can be in tune.

Collaborate more efficiently

Use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to share documents, work together to overcome projects, build a family budget, or help with homework. Everything is safely recorded in the cloud and accessible from all devices.

Two mobile devices displaying the Microsoft Teams app, one shows the locations of various team members, one shows options for protecting items in a Safe. There is also a cup of coffee and a set of keys.

Download Microsoft Teams

Connect and collaborate with everyone from anywhere in Teams.