It was produced in black-and-white by Walt Disney Studios and was released by Celebrity Productions. The cartoon is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie, although both characters appeared several months earlier in a test screening of Plane Crazy.

What famous cartoon character made his debut in Steamboat Willie What year was it?

Mickey Mouse

Created as a replacement for a prior Disney character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey first appeared in the short Plane Crazy, debuting publicly in the short film Steamboat Willie (1928), one of the first sound cartoons.

Was Steamboat Willie the first Mickey Mouse cartoon?

Though “Steamboat Willie” was the first cartoon in Mickey’s lineup to be released, two cartoons “Plane Crazy” and “The Gallopin’ Gaucho” were produced before but released after this cartoon.

How did Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie cartoon change animation?

Steamboat Willie (1928), Mickey’s third film, took the country by storm. A missing element—sound—had been added to animation, making the illusion of life that much more complete, that much more magical. Later, Disney would add carefully synchronized music (The Skeleton Dance, 1929), three-strip Technicolor (Flowers.

What was the first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon?

Steamboat Willie‘ was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon with sound.