Michelin distributes 27 new Michelin stars in Spain (42% more than last year), but continues to deny new three stars

Michelin distributes 28 new Michelin stars in Spain (a 42% more than last year), but still denying new three stars

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz.com News site! I will present you all the details of Michelin distributes 27 new Michelin stars in Spain (a 42% more than last year), but still denying new three stars here.

Michelin distributes 27 new stars Michelin in Spain (a 42% more than last year), but still denying new three stars

Michelin distributes 28 new Michelin stars in Spain (a 41% more than last year), but still denying new three stars We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Michelin distributes 27 new Michelin stars in Spain (a 42% more than last year), but still denying new three stars Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Michelin distributes 26 new Michelin stars in Spain (a 42% more than last year), but still denying new three stars

“I would have preferred it red,” said Mario Sandoval , chef at Coque, to the director of Michelin guides, Gwendal Poullenec receiving the green star, the award that rewards work in sustainability. There have not been three stars. Not for Coque, not for Enjoyment, not for Ricard Camarena.

Only 11 Spanish restaurants can boast of having the highest distinction from the Michelin Guide 2022, that has been presented today in Valencia. It is the same number from the directory of 2019, when Dani García received the highest award, for renouncing him only a few months later –the Arbor of Amos took its place in 2020 -. And it is light years away from the 31 that France has.

Curiously, despite this sit-in, which did not sit well with some of those responsible for the Guide, García has once again been the protagonist at a gala in which two stars were awarded to his restaurant Smoked Room , located inside Leña, in the same space occupied by the late Santceloni .

They also receive two stars Amelia (Donostia), Voro (Canyamel, Mallorca) and Iván Cerdeño (Toledo). In total, Spain already has 33 restaurants with two stars Michelin.

Meteor shower

The guide has been immobilized in its highest distinction, but not in the distribution of new first stars , which is the largest in memory. It is never usually over twenty and this year they have been distributed 27, a 42% more than last year, when they occurred 19. Now, there have been quite a few deletions , and not just due to closures or transfers. Eight restaurants have lost the star by decision of the guide’s inspectors, among them well-known places such as Monastrell, the Alicante restaurant of María José San Román, or El Club Allard, in Madrid

As usual, Michelin seems to be especially generous with the restaurants by already award-winning chefs . In this sense, it is not surprising (although it is still striking how quickly they have been awarded) the stars for Deesa , the restaurant that Quique Dacosta opened this year at the Ritz hotel in Madrid; or the ones that the Asturian Marcos Granda, owner of the already crashed Clos and Skina, who gets two new stars for Ayalga and Nintai ..

More striking is the star of Nublo , in Haro (La Rioja), the project of the exMugaritz Miguel Caño which opened its doors ago only a few months. Or the macaron for Quimbaya (Madrid), where its chef Edwyn Rodríguez can boast of having the first star of Europe that hangs a restaurant with Colombian cuisine.

It does not surprise, but it consoles many, that Lera , the restaurant in the small Zamora town of Castroverde de Campos, has finally obtained the star after more than a decade in the pools. Its chef, Luis Lera, has received the biggest standing ovation of the night.

It seems that, now, Michelin is beginning to bet decisively on rural restaurants. This year, there are few stars in big cities, and many surprises in smaller towns : also de Lera and Nublo, Coto de Quevedo (Torre de Juan Abad, Ciudad Real), Versatile (Zarza de Granadilla, Cáceres), Atalaya (Alcossebre, Castellón), Ayalga (Ribadesella, Asturias) or Garena (Dima, Vizcaya).

By territories, the residents of the host city can rejoice, Valencia , which adds three new stars –Fierro, Kaido Sushi Bar and Lienzo–; Santander –which adds two stars for the Casona del Judío and Serbal–; and Tenerife, with another two first stars – El Rincón de Juan Carlos , whose chef has interrupted the parade of stars to dedicate the award to the island of La Palma, and Nub–.

In all Catalonia, however, this year only one new macaron , the de Atempo (Barcelona) and in Andalusia , the largest community in Spain, only two: Cañabota (Seville) and Nintai (Marbella).

These are all new first stars , in alphabetical order:

  • Alejandro Serrano (Miranda de Ebro
  • Arrels (Sagunt)

  • Watchtower (Alcossebre)
  • Atempo (Barcelona)
  • Auga e Sal (Santiago de Compostela)
  • Ayalga (Ribadesella)
  • Cañabota (Seville)
  • Casona del Judío (Santander)
  • Coto de Quevedo (Juan Abad Tower)
  • Deessa (Madrid)
  • El Rincón de Juan Carlos (Adeje – Tenerife)
  • El Serbal (Santander)
  • Fierro (Valencia )
  • Garena (Dima)
  • Kaido Sushi Bar (Valencia)
  • La Gaia (Eivissa / Ibiza)
  • Lera (Castroverde de Campos)
  • Canvas (Valencia)
  • Ment by Óscar Calleja (Salamanca)
  • Nintai (Marbella)
  • Nub (Adeje – Tenerife)
  • Nublo (Haro)

  • Peix & Brases (Dénia)
  • Poems by Hermanos Padrón (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Gran Canaria)
  • Quimbaya (Madrid)
  • Versatile (Blackberry bush)
  • Zaranda (Palma – Mallorca)

    Lose the star:

    • Monastrell (Alicante)
    • Orobianco (Calpe)

    • Manuel Alonso Restaurant (Daimús)
    • Es Racó d’Es Telx (Deiá)
    • Casamar (Llafranc)
    • The Allard Club (Madrid)
    • Sents (Ontinyent)
    • Alejandro (Roquetas de Mar)

    42 new Bib Gourmand restaurants, six greens

    Among the first rising macarons , the new sponsored awards and the speeches of the organization, advertisers and politicians the gala lasted more than two hours . After the speeches on tires, the benefits of Valencia and many good words about sustainability and resilience, it is worth highlighting the words of Martin Berasategui who, upon receiving the special award for Chef Mentor, recalled the importance of companionship in the profession: “It does not exist the me neither in my family nor in my great teams . There is only us “.

    Although it has not been mentioned in the gala, the Michelin Guide has also recognized this year 41 new Bib Gourmand in Spain, the distinction of the guide that rewards to restaurants with a full menu by no more than 35 euros. It is This is a distinction that has gained strength in recent years, although this year fewer have been awarded than in 2021, when they were recognized 53 new establishments in the category.

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    The tire company has also awarded its new Green Star, released last year, which rewards to restaurants that are making a special effort in terms of sustainability. Six Spanish restaurants receive it in the city: Cenador de Amós (Villaverde de Pontones), Coque (Madrid) -which has a new star, but as Sandoval has made clear, not the one he wanted-, El Celler de Can Roca (Girona) , Finca Alfoliz (Aljaraque), Lera (Castroverde de Campos) and Maca de Castro (Puerto de Alcúdia – Mallorca).

    Two new sponsored prizes have also been awarded at the gala. In addition to the Muchelin Chef Mentor Award, presented by Blancpain, the Michelin Award for Young Chefs, award Delivered by Makro, who has received Mario Cachinero from the Skina restaurant (Marbella).

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