Michèle Bernier confides in her heart on weight gain following menopause

Michèle Bernier confides in her heart on weight gain following menopause Michèle Bernier assumes her curves and campaigns against grossophobia. She gave a private interview to TV Grandes Chains on Saturday 20 November 2014. She announces how she gained weight. A touching testimony that leaves no one indifferent. Explanations.

” Fed up with this prefabricated image of happiness where we should make 36 girl “Michèle Bernier hammered in the columns of We Two in 46. Charlotte and Enzo’s mother is very happy with her curves. She displays them with pride and without any particular trauma. Quite the contrary. Although the actress took a long time to come to terms with her body, she came to appreciate it as it is and rejoice in it every day. “ I have spent my life wanting to be thin, well, I will never be ”, she specifies, in the media We Two . And she adds: ” Today, I just have a weight limit not to exceed, because I know that beyond that, I don’t feel well. And for the moment, things are going pretty well, thank you. ”

A documentary against grossophobia available on Canal + “ It was menopause that made me go through 36 to 46 ”she indicates to TV Grandes Chains Saturday 20 November 2021. And she didn’t “ really suffer ” from this metamorphosis. However, the actress is outraged that her daughter is a victim of grossophobia. “ I was in so much pain for Charlotte. I recommend to everyone his sublime documentary which highlights the madness of social networks in relation to everything related to appearance: it causes harassment in children, discomfort for adults and children. Anyway, it’s a disaster. “His daughter’s documentary,” Why do they hate us fat people? ”Is currently broadcast on Canal + and attempts to explain this discrimination against individuals who are overweight, rarely reported in the media.

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