We wanted to bring a solution to the issue searched as the link for deleting Mi account. With its full name, Xiaomi has a link created for such a process. As the editorial team, we did some research on the subject. Let’s go to the details of the subject if you want, my friends.

How to Delete Mi Account?

Mi Account Deletion Link 2020

In order to delete the Mi account, the Xiaomi company has created a necessary link for this process. Since we will give the link to you, our valuable readers, in the subtitle, I wanted to write the necessary steps you need to take in this title. Perform the login process by using your account on the page you go with the link I will give you.

After logging in with your account, the box about deleting your account says “Yes, I want to delete my account permanently“. Then check the checkbox and click “DELETE ACCOUNT” button.

Mi Account Deletion Link

First of all, make sure that you follow the steps I have mentioned step by step. The shortcut link you need is Delete Accont Link If you experience any difficulties after this process, you can call Xiaomi customer service and get the necessary assistance.