Mexican polvorones or snowball cookies: a quick recipe for some delicious Christmas pasta that is … -!

Perfect for anyone looking for an easy cookie recipe for the Christmas holidays -or whenever-, these delicate pastas are a guaranteed success for those with a sweet tooth. With their distinctive snowy ball shape , these delicacies are known as Mexican polvorones, wedding cookies ( wedding cookies ) or Russian teacakes ( Russian teacakes ); Names aside, they are extremely simple to make, no resting or molds are needed, and it has a Christmas air that makes them ideal to give or offer to visitors.

The dough is prepared following the traditional method of creaming softened butter with sugar, in this case icing, to obtain a very creamy base that will give us a very soft texture when baked, a characteristic enhanced by the ground almonds. But it is the exterior finish that provides that melting sensation when biting into them , since they require double batter in more sugar, hot and finally cooled.

Preheat the oven to 170 ºC without fan and prepare a couple of trays with non-stick greaseproof paper. Arrange the softened butter in a deep container with the 55 g of icing sugar, the aromas and salt, and beat with a whisk for several minutes until obtaining a homogeneous cream.

Add the ground almonds and the flour together, better if they are passed through a sieve or fine strainer, and beat a little more at low speed, until you have a homogeneous dough without lumps , soft but not sticky.

With a teaspoon, take portions of the dough and form balls with your hands, leaving them on the trays separated by a couple of centimeters. Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes , until they are firm to the touch and begin to brown around the edges of the base. Better to bake one tray at a time.

While baking prepare a container with 150 – 170 g of icing sugar and a cooling rack. Remove the cookies and wait a few moments on their trays until they do not burn, but are still hot . Coat three or four lukewarm units in the sugar and let them cool on the rack.

Continue the process until all the cookies are finished, always gently coating them hot so as not to break them. Once cool, sprinkle or coat with more sifted icing sugar before storing in airtight containers.

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With what to accompany the Mexican polvorones Taking out a tray of these snowball-shaped cookies with the after-table coffee will brighten up the evening for those with a sweet tooth, and they are perfect to enjoy with a intense espresso or a more earthy infusion , like a red tea or a comforting rooibos. They are also a good pair of sweet wines such as Port or Jerez, they even pair well with the red that we have opened during the meal. They don’t really need any accompaniment other than our sweet tooth when we feel like something tender with its fresh buttery flavor.

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