Mengapa penemuan listrik bisa memicu revolusi industri PORTAL PURWOKERTO – Why did the invention of electricity spark the industrial revolution? Here is the answer key for the 3rd grade 6 SD theme.

Check out the explanation of the discovery of electricity could trigger the industrial revolution. This is the result of a joint discussion with Dodi Iswanto S.Pd, an educator in Medan, North Sumatra.

This answer key is as a guide for parents. Students can explore further and look for other answers, so this answer is not always absolute.

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Before starting the discussion, students must first understand the notion of the theme of characters and inventions.

The person who is credited with discovering electrical technology is Michael Faraday. He was an English scientist who was born in the city of Lewington, England in 1791.

With struggle and unyielding spirit, he succeeded in making a simple tool that can produce electromagnetic waves. Read Endonesia